James Clapper Believes Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction


From Vancouver, Washington, E. No. It's a re occurring thing for people to call and The disparaging messages for you about the weapons of mass deception in Iraq, But they fell to keep in mind that Saddam Hussein was doing everything he could to make us I think he had weapons of mass destruction and he was successful and it hurt him, but he thought it would be a benefit and probably repelling attack or make us reconsidered. But all these scholars who were so angry, give no credit to the disinformation we got from the other side. And for us, we need to error on safety. We can't make a mistake's absolutely and that so That's all I've got. But love your show and God bless you hanging there. Triple 8971 s a G triple 89717243 am Larry Elder. We are really effective comp to another

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