118: They Call Us Bugs Bunny


Low end. Welcome to another edition of they. Call us bruce. An unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asia america which now includes bugs. Bunny what's up. Asian americans you and i'm jeff yang and i'm just going to be cracking up the whole time but here it is here we are. We have with us a very special guest. The man the voice the magic eric. Abou- za the new voice of bugs. Bunny has it going guys. Well this is my real voice. This is my asian canadian plane. Pundit salt voices pianos it just regular filipino bread voice. This is the one. That i think iraq customize wanna hear you know for repeat business in all i mean it's amazing how you can slip in and out of it. I mean that's what strikes me like as we were getting ready to record. I'm like oh my god and made me wonder like. Are you like this all the time. Like are people just cracking up around you time. I'm the fattest of my friends. Because i'm the one that makes all the jokes. No one makes me laugh. So i haven't had an an ab workout in like years. Everyone everyone benefits around me but me But that's that's my lot in life you know like i don't mind and i love i love making people laugh And you know thank you for first of all thank you for inviting me on your podcast and and your show and You know the last two weeks have been Insane as far as just wanting to talk you know suddenly paying attention. This show that. I've been on looney tunes cartoons. Has it premiered in march And only now it's like. I'm getting the attention but you know what else premiered march is covid. So that's exactly. Why only now. After a whole year of chasing covert stories. You know so tragic all like so much so much sadness so much like the news has been so heavy. And there's been very light hopeful inspiring moments with vis this pandemic You know just supporting our frontline workers in the current social climate that we're living in you know black lives matter and there's so much see i mean biden. Hello you know like and then all of a sudden this filipino kid from candidates. The voice of bugs bunny like what a way to end the year. Right like what a strange who held out on their bingo card. Nobody has no one. You know the scratch tickets like cherry cherry filipino. Voices bugs bunny damn but so as we're talking on the run up to this. I actually feel like it's remarkable that just in the last couple of years it it feels like we are finally starting to integrate childhood right. That is the voices not just adding diverse programming in the form of look. Let's put an asian kid in the back row you know. Let's let's add franklin to peanuts back when it was probably as that that attempted bussing in ended up being. We're actually starting to see these. Hallowed these hallowed i don't like institutions finally populated by by people who can bring a very different context but the same context to them. I mean obviously bugs. Bunny is a big one of them. I i would also point to blues clues right and yeah your your fellow filipino. north american stepped into that that arena as well I mean like let's let's Let's go back to our youths right. I'm i'm forty one now. And the first real exposure to seeing a face that was like mine and represented in mind. Film in movies was Short round and data from goonies. Jonathan kwan- it's crazy. I met him in toronto. And i was just like you don't understand man like you're you're my hero like you were and i think that goes for a lot of young asian boys and girls just to see like there's the there's the kid that's like me and the group of friends and that they bothered to include him in in you know even something like goonies. I know it was one movie but it was the best movie. It was like the only movie you really needed to see And they treated him you know like obviously he was the tech guy and They touched upon. Oh yeah you know at the end of the movie with the dead with the camera and the film and it was like sure but it had a lot of heart you know like there is still some heart to to that you know his him being represented i in any kind of like pop culture But that was it. I mean we we it i think filipinos also i talked to rex. Never eddie about this Stand up comedian. And it's like we kind of You know in the in the scope of pop culture or any kind of

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