MGM up for sale for $5B after 'preliminary talks' with Apple

Mac OS Ken


Spending apples money. The tinseltown edition call to mike highlights report from the wall street journal. That says the movie studio. Mgm has put itself up for sale. Nothing official of course just a rumor. Assuming it's true. The journal figures some big technology companies are likely buyers with its apple. Focus cult of mac wonders whether cupertino might be interested. It has been interested in a few times before well interested in one. Mgm property at least bond james bond according to the cult and twenty seventeen. It was reported that apple. Tv plus exacts zach bamberg and jamie. Erlich were leading. Apple's attempts to buy the james bond franchise than earlier this year. Apple supposedly made an offer to buy upcoming movie. No time to die after kobe. Nineteen scuppered its theatrical. Release apple was apparently willing to pay up to four hundred million dollars for the movie however. Mgm wanted more then. There was a time a couple of years ago when somebody was trying to sell and gm the apple quoting the wall street journal and twenty eighteen. Mgm fired its then chief executive hollywood veteran gary barber for having early unsanctioned conversations with apple to sell the studio for more than six billion dollars. Preliminary talks fell apart when he was ousted. Mgm chairman kevin already told studio investors at the time that he could sell mgm for more than eight billion in two to three years. The journal puts the studios current value at five point. Five billion

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