683: The Mandalorian S2E8 Review: 'Chapter 16: The Rescue'



Again. You the guest on the season. One finale as well yes which was a really great conversation or you remember. We were just talking about at the end of that conversation. We're talking with dr sabourin what that meant and like would we see a soka in the season and the season did not disappoint. Yeah no we. We're very prescient. The force was with us all right. Well you talked a little bit last season about well how much you like the show and what you liked about it. Since we now season two. I wondered if you wanna take a minute to talk about what you liked or maybe even what you didn't like about season two. Yeah i think. I'm i'm still working through. We just re watched the last episode. I was thinking in comparing sort of the emotional arc of the first season and the last episode the emotional arc of this season And i don't know. I mean i think this is actually a show where it's one of the cases where actually think the first season is stronger. I think about that last season. When they're going out in the the lava tunnel and the droid. I'm gonna get all their names wrong but that was a really really emotional moment whereas this one it was more along the if it makes sense more along the journey each episode i thought was a very good standalone episode but the end was I think perhaps not quite as emotionally resonant to me. I'm not sure that's more use. The characters arm expecting it in the season just was so different than anything else being on. But i think overall i really did like the season. I'm i think like many people intrigued to see. Are we wrapping up this book. Booker we moving on to a new mandalorian I think one thing. I'd like to talk a lot of the podcast as like fundamentally. Whose story are we telling. Yeah i think it's interesting point because this season two seems to verge into the wider star wars world right like tie-ins from books and comics and characters from other series and stuff like that and you know that was a you know there were some rare moments in the first season where we saw tie ins to places or people that we knew. This seemed like much more connected to the overall star. Wars universe in that i think is fun for people who are star wars fans but also could potentially be a distraction from the elements of the show that we had grown accustomed to season one. I think that's actually a great point. I think that's exactly what i'm feeling like. The first season was very much self contained in this world with gideon. I forget the name of that planet again. The names the called the end of the season. One yes navarro. Everything was contained on navarro around the characters around the trout and this one was much more of a. This is a ton. And here's a soka and hear all these other characters in here. What boba fett is back. It's like a who's who Which was great for storytelling. But again it was more we were seeing the world of star wars through the mental. Lorraine's is rather than the story about the mandalorian. Good point. well let's let's jump into the over-all recap of this chapter. Sixteen the rescue. There's actually two rescues in this episode or like they're kind of the same rescue but like i think there's a two stage rescue happening here so we started out with on attacking lambda class shuttle and onboard. That shuttle are to imperial pilots. Dr pershing who we most recently saw in holographic form a few episodes go. I will note. There's been an ongoing theme. This year of a lot of imperial officers who are also actors who i saw on agents of shield and that continues here with the really annoying pilot. Guy the evil pilot guy who is the was the big bad in the last episode. In the last season of agents of shield nathaniel. Malik so that was an interesting little pop up again. And he's like the fourth or fifth character like in the empire to be on have been on shield very weird. They disabled the shuttle with an iron cannon and amanda bowes the that annoying pilot holds the doctor pershing hostage entitled about how important he is. He's a clone engineer and when the his co-pilot tries to be like cut a deal he shoots him in the back. So yeah like a real. He's a real emperor. Die hard and two german there. Dan is this the first time that we know he was a clone engineer. Because i don't think we knew exactly what he was. We knew he was a scientist right and like they make a comment at some point in the beginning of they're like this isn't your lab and we saw him obviously being involved with the testing and grew of of grow and the something about the blood count and all that jazz but yeah. I think this is the first time we hear about him. Being a clone engineer. I think those are the question of any especially if this is sort of the end of the book of growth. Do what were they doing with. Jet is blood and was he trying to work on. Yeah yeah. I don't think we know. I mean there's a lot of speculation out there and there's you know some thoughts that maybe ties in with stuff that is in the sequel trilogy such as smoke or the fact that there are public clones spoilers. You haven't seen children. But i'm going to kind of assume that if you're here you have so. He holds dr pushing hostage and then he has sort of a little bit of banter is not quite the right word. But with karen re re recognizing that us from iran so apparently that's the significance of the will rebel tattoo.

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