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Hey everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name is todd cochran. Of course i'm joined by my co host. Mr rob greenlee and rob. I see it appears or lease me that you are in in process of getting your studio changed over and you're on the road castor now. Yeah i'm on. I'm trying to get all the settings figure it out. I just got it all configured late last night so trying to get it All working. I've got a whole new studio set up here. And so it's it's it's it's great at seems to be interesting trying to work with Trying to patch in some audio from clubhouse around with earlier so it seems to be working okay now so well. that's good. Yeah yeah sick. It's still rabid sure to do it for this show but we can do it on saturday or something like that. Yeah so we're using riverside data. Fm again today so big shout out to them. Thanks for the use of the platform but It hasn't been a busy week at all in podcasting is slow. All quiet nut no no crisis on the western front at all. So i didn't see your your company targeted on the list of Getting attacked so no. But but you know what's interesting about that is. We've had some issues in years past where you know someone tried to to new. No nothing to new. So you know we've we've had some attacks before and it's just like anything else. Everyone's going to get their time in the barrel in your in your in you. Learn from that You know unfortunately some of these Services are locked in verticals in when the site goes down. The show goes down in. I don't know if that happened on all the situation by no couple people's feeds were down and then captivate did okay as sounds like but pod being They had huge number of our assist feeds. Were were not available for three or four hours You know. I really kind of thought that a little bit wondering about their infrastructure over there but It is what it is and so who else was gotten the barrel sprout spreaker so they all got their time and it sound like from the pod news article that the individual that was doing denial service attack is one little money to take care of his sick mother. Love any of that story. That the james in believe it either when he posted on of course but i think if we look at this realistically You can pay for now service attack. Their readily available. They're very inexpensive to run you. Just bitcoin them some cash and they fire up a server and they target A domain name and it's usually flat attack and you know a little script kiddie game. People like to play all right. Yeah and it doesn't take all you know doesn't take a lot of cheese to initiate one of those tax now. The people are really trying to be nefarious about it. They just they just pay the money and have someone else do it. But i don't know what this individual did or had his own servers or what but That's what you call a resource utilization over utilization basically floods the server line with requests. So but i'll go back to what i said before Podcasters have their own dot com to control their own. Rss feeds You know unless you're site is attacked. getting central was at we had. I had two or three days. Were guy was coming after me and It wasn't so critical. Because i knew what was going on and I just basically paid for three or four days worth of protection from another service until the the storm stopped and they figured out. I wasn't gonna pay them. But the average podcast probably's site will never ever ever be attacked unless they've done something to piss somebody off yeah. I don't think this is going to be an ongoing problem either. So this is just one guy you know trying to make a couple of bucks and you're gonna move on because he wasn't successful but it is curious that they that they went after the top level domains and you know a lot of our stuff is not top level domain. some stuff is but Yeah you know anyone anyone that gets one of these service attacks your websites going to get crushed. It's there's not a lot you can do now. You can implement. There's there's lots of Services out there. That helps you from this type of activity. And i'm sure that big companies like microsoft and they employ that all the time it to great extent or great cost. And but you know. They've got great budgets they don't have to worry about You know spend an extra thousand dollars or five thousand and ten thousand dollars. A month to protect from denial service attacks. Yeah you can get expensive. You know for someone to run on a daily basis to protection. But i did notice is a little little disheartened with some of the response. I saw on facebook by some people calling out specific hosts and blaming them for not being prepared. And you know. Walk a day in these these These service providers shoes. And maybe you won't be so critical.

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