Frances McDormand Explains Why She Turned Down Press Requests for 10 Years

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Okay. We're going to move on to actress. Frances mcdormand so. She just made this bold confession. She says she turned out interviews for ten years and chance. Good recent the oscar winner told the new york times. It gave me a mystery back to who i was. And then the roles performed. I could take an audience to a place where someone who sold watches or perfume and magazines could not ooh that she a pull that off. Talk to me like with the studio. And say i'm not going to do any interviews. Well that is interesting. But you know who was famous for that trend's prince dude and that's why everybody loved him. He was so mysterious. He's one of the most mysterious unicorns ever. That's why i always say. I miss the days of times when we didn't know every single thing about celebrity. It's the reason why tom cruise came up and came up so hard. It's the reason why. Julia roberts has survived for so long because they gave you that. We didn't know about what they were eating about. What was in their frigerator as we didn't know where they were on vacation. But you also have to just remember that. This was years ago was ninety six when she started this remember. We only had the rag magazines and we had the big magazines and television shows. We didn't have all of this social media so now that's why everyone is putting everything out about what they do. Were like okay enough already. I don't do. You said about the scenario so i i think it was brilliant. Does it do you think they're still shame because to me i. I don't care if if i see a big celebrity coffee or watch or on a magazine cover. It doesn't really lowered their celebrity to me. I still value their are. And i don't mind seeing them in the movies. That doesn't distract me. Dad there's an opposite there's two sides to every story because there are some actors who look down on other actors can't get those endorsement deals. Who aren't you know making that extra coin but i think for for francis and garment. This is about her craft and she never wanted her craft ever be. I don't wanna say soil because it's not really solid but she didn't want white diamonds but i'll hawks. I'm white. i'm here for a chat about the art and her choices in the character because her first come out character was what fargo was in. That was a big deal so in order for you to maintain that you have to pick roles that bring that kind of eat. Attention or people is hollywood.

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