Republicans Push Back On Historic Nomination Of Deb Haaland For Interior Secretary


And Natural Resource is committee today held confirmation hearings for New Mexico representative Deb Holland to be the next secretary of interior. A confirmation would be historic. She would be the first Native American Cabinet member in the nation's history. Her nomination by President Biden has also been criticized by oil State Republicans because of her stated opposition issues such as to fracking in the Dakota access pipeline. Ecuadorian reports from Fresno. The history being made by Deb Holland's nomination was hailed by all on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, even those who are skeptical of her policy views The special nature of the moment was evident as the New Mexico congresswoman introduced herself to the committee and the nation. I spent summers in the Sita, or small village on Laguna Pueblo, the location of my grandparent's traditional home. It was there that I learned about my culture from my grandmother by watching her cook and by participating in traditional feast days and ceremonies, it was in the cornfields with my grandfather, where I learned the importance of water. And protecting our resource is where I gained a deep respect for the Earth Committee chair, Joe Manchin outlined the immensity of the task. The Interior Department manages 500 million acres of land. 1/5 of the entire country. The 70,000 employees oversee Parks Monuments Wildlife refuge because dams, reservoirs and canals. It also supervisors mineral resource lands that produced 20% of the nation's energy. Citing previous statements Deb Holland had made about fossil fuel production. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, the committee's ranking member, set the theme which Republican members came back to repeatedly. Oil production in federal lands and oil pipelines, especially the Dakota access pipeline. By signing an executive order to ban all new oil coal gas leases on federal lands. The president is taking a sledgehammer to Western states economies. Ban on federal leasing could result in 33,000 workers losing their jobs in Wyoming. Representative Hollins home state of Wyoming, 62,000 workers stand to lose their jobs. Holland also faced questions over her appearance at protests of the Dakota access pipeline in North Dakota before she was elected to Congress in 2018. Holland said she went there in solidarity with Native American tribes and other water protectors, who felt they were not consulted adequately before the multi state pipeline was approved. President Joe Biden has sense next the project. Conservative

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