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Welcome to. I'm sharon hunt and this week's look dropped by. Guest is the incredible ruby aka the guru of curly and afro hair. Ruby is originally from zimbabwe but nowadays. She calls australia home. The originally self-taught stylist fell into hairdressing by accident. After witnessing friends and families struggle to find someone that understood this strands so she wound up doing it herself in her lounge room eventually she took up an apprenticeship began stalling out of multiple salons before finally opening up her own place. Rooming co in two thousand four room. Be thanks for dropping by. Thanks so much for having me sharing now. When i was a kid i distinctly remember being told if you ate all your crusts. Yo hey would go curly and i really badly wanted. Kelly has a you better believe i was gobbling down the crofton. I of course realize it was an old wives tale. That parents just tell you to eight year food. But i have to say. It's not the only myth that i've come across when it comes to curly hair. So why do you think there are. So many misconceptions about kohl's. I think something is misunderstood. There's a desire to want to make it a lot more palatable to each individual like answer for that very reason people come up with their own anecdotes around what this complex appendage actually is so people come up with so many things now yes i mean you told your cross for me. It was like eat your vegetables. And your hair is going to be straighter. You know what i mean like. Oh my gosh eating those so yeah. I think it's just because people really want to understand something that is complex and so yet this is where a lot of myths have come along and i hear them all the time. I've got lots of them to ask you about. Oh let's go. I guess to start with with. Kelly has to understand that. There's not just one type of co run us through just as an overview the different types of kohl's because you can tell by looking at someone calls not the same to the next. So why should you treat them the same one colleague on one hundred percent. So there's three curl types wavy curly in africa's how we sort of break down but then when you're looking at the typing system you've got type two which is wavy and that's lusa curls and there's three subcategories of that you've got to a to b to c and two c would be the tightest within that range and then you've got type three which is curly and within that again. Abc and c. And seeping tighter and then same thing for africa harrah's well after or coyly hair. Because i guess everyone who has coyly hair has an effort background. He is another curly myth. I've come across curly hair. Shampoos a marketing hype and normal shampoos worked. Fine let's start right there fact or fiction fact. They all marketing hive. Well okay no no no let me put it this way curly hair. People shouldn't shampoo their hair. That's a myth. Okay great stafa. Let's start there because that's actually. What's more commonly said trump who your hair. I've heard condition as well really. Yeah stop it. Maybe straight hair. How should you be carrying the curly hair. When it comes to washing its really simple. One of the things that i say to my clients often is you have to get rid of straight hair tendencies right. And how do you do that. It's just simplifying it. And which is part of what we do. We try and simplify everything for our clients. Because if you don't do that it's as though you're eating soup of the fork and that's gonna be very frustrating. And so how do you shampoo we take people through this whole process and it's like pretty much. Get the right shampoo first of all what you need to have the right product. Because not all sham periods would then be the same. Most shampoos actually stripped your hair. Which is why in some way. Yes don't shampoo your hair. I get with people. Come with that myth because it doesn't leave your hair as hydrated but then when you've got shampoo that is specifically designed for curly hair. It's supposed to cleanse but also hydrate to leave your hair feeling very moisturised. Soft supple and clean as well without streaky. Feel that you get when you get a deep cleansing shampoo

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