Cyberpunk 2077: How did the release go SO wrong?

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I mentioned in passing that cyberpunk twenty. Seventy seven has had a reputation for being buggy since its launch. But if you're not plugged into the whole gaming space get this. It's gotten so bad. That sony is removing cyberpunk twenty seventy seven from the playstation store until further notice and it is offering full refunds to anyone who bought it. That's pretty unprecedented for the big high profile game that everyone was looking forward to this year. Quoting the verge players have found that cyberpunk twenty seventy seven which has only been out for a little more than one week has been riddled with bugs and while the game looks and performs well and backwards compatibility mode on the ps five it is prone to routine crashes and a number of distracting visual glitches on ps four however. The game fares a lot. Worse euro gamer reported poor performance low frame rate and texture. Pop in. some of these move comes just days after cyberpunk twenty seventy seven developers cd project. Red said people unsatisfied with purchase on the ps four or xbox. One should request a refund yet. Due to sony stringent refund policy many who bought digital versions of the game from the playstation store were unable to get refunds players who bought the xbox one version of the game have reported. Better luck with microsoft's more generous refund policy cd project red has also committed to releasing patches to improve cyberpunk twenty seventy seven. The company has already released one post launch update and in a december thirteenth statement. The studio said another update is coming within the next seven days. More significant patches are planned for january and february together. These should fix the most prominent problems. Gamers are facing on last gen consoles. The company said and

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