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Do you do the economy's changed. Jobs are not as prevalent as they. Once were in many people report. Their businesses are down as much as seventy five percent. Is this the right time to start something new or is that just a stupid idea. Well let's hope it's a stupid idea because today that's what we're talking about how powerful it is to start something stupid with the author of the book the power of starting something stupid. My friend marketing impact academy alumni. Richie norton well richie. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm really excited to do this. You just the finest person in the world. Oh man you're the best an honor. I've been waiting my whole life for this very moment right now. I know for real though. I love you so much. I know you're asking me questions yet. But i've done mia. i've been there. I've followed you've taught me everything i know. Everything i say is straight from you just coming through my mouth. I dunno honestly so grateful for you. And what what you do for the world. Oh my gosh check is in the mail amazing because like literally this week. I have a hard copy of your book but for some reason. I bought a kindle this week and i'm just like oh my gosh this is so inspirational. There's so much of that. I need the world to hear right now because now more than ever i think people are really starting to realize nothing is certain d- i have to be in control of my own destiny and there's so little that i can count on that. Maybe now is the time that i considered like doing my own thing. It's sort of and you're just really motivate people to do that. Yeah you always had that kind of spirit you know. I don't know even as a kid my mom would encourage me and but also encourage my own willingness to try and help other people like the kid that no one else likes. You know i'd go and hang with that guy you know what i mean. I guess that's in my nature but as far as it into things that serve people enter. Entrepreneurial i mean i grew up with that by dow is entrepreneur. My grandpa was an entrepreneur. So he kind of taught me to think in different ways you know and so. I don't know if it's innate or learned but i've definitely been doing it for a while let's are the people who struggle with it right because we both work with those types of individuals now and i mean in the intro. People got to hear about how vast your experiences like. You're one of those guys who knows something about freaking every word making it up as a but there's i find that there's two different types of people those people who are like the really down to experiment to fail and it's like it's just not a big deal. They don't even think twice about it. They just leave. They jump to go for it. The hardest people for me. I feel like to reach in the ones that. Keep me up late at night. I suspect this is probably true for you to are those people who are so paralyzed by perfection. The ones who worry endlessly about is the right thing. Is this the right time warner people are gonna think what if i'm doing this wrong and i just i don't have that gene and i know you don't either but tell me about those people who you've worked with that maybe when you first working with them like how did you help them to break through that mentality. 'cause i know there's people listening right now that's that's me my hands are up to. How do you break through that. Okay this is my head spinning always examples but let me back up real quick lake. There's the voices that are outside that we hear there's the voice in her head that we hear and we tend to actually the had a lot. We also start to filter the voices of others almost in a way to say what we want them to hear. Even if it's negative someone might say like you're saying goes out of business and they here. Yeah but that's not for me. No no that's not what she leans set that it is for you. I remember i was sixteen years old. I wanted to make some money. I told my dad. I wanna make some money in the summer. We'll get like a minimum wage job. Picking up trash at like the local carnival. Or whatever i was going to do. He said worst add ever. He says you don't want to. Who says that he said no. I'm from san diego. He's he's a go to el centro and ask the watermelon farmers if you can either irregular sized watermelons from them that they couldn't sell to the stores because they're oddly shaped and i'm like okay. He gave me a little bit of seed money so to speak and filled up our family. The antic out the seats with these water mounts me and my brother. I was sixteen. Fourteen came back. Call up all my friends. parents said. Hey guys watermelons. It's almost the fourth of july. Do you want to buy them. They said yes. Probably its climate kid and whatever. I'll tell you what i learned from this process. I made more money in one day on the fourth of july. Then i would made the entire summer. Working minimum wage is what entrepreneurship learnable skill. It's just that sometimes we're not getting the right voices. We're not listening to the right people or filtering those voices in a way. That doesn't serve us about that. Filtering process like so. Do people know that they're filtering. How do you change the filter right. So we're filtering. It's like cognitive bias. Like we all. Let's yeah yeah. no it's true. Let's play with that for a second like you mentioned people who procrastinate and a lot of people associate the whole chapter my book on procrastination i've studied a procrastinator myself and people associate procrastination laziness when in reality the trait most associated. You can google stuff. People don't believe me the trait most associated with procrastination is immediacy. And you have to always do something right now.

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