Could a Jack Eichel Trade Land Him With the Boston Bruins?

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You want to make a safe bet how about you bet every year around this point of the Season where Jack eichel is unhappy with the situation in Buffalo there every year. It's the annual Jack. Eichel is sick of Buffalo story, but probably won't actually get traded. Maybe this is finally the years but Buffalo continues to lose which I don't know why this is a surprise to him at least like just cuz my God what Taylor home exactly like to be I don't know maybe I guess when you're in that moment, you know when you're on that team you think wow, we just got so much better. But in reality you just got a better scoring Winger on one line. Like it's this isn't the NBA where like you acquire a player of Taylor Hall is Cal log. The NBA and it's like why we are a much better team in hockey. It is four lines and you obviously one score is not going to transform whole team. So Jack eichel is reportedly not super pleased with the losing an awful. Oh, I don't blame him that miss that situation looks miserable. So every time this happens the Jack eichel to the Boston Bruins rumors always like to get straightened up baby back wheels turning on that and I I am so here so here for the even though this like will never happen. There's a less than 2% chance. I'll give it a little chance. But but less than 2% chance this ever could actually happen equal to the Bruins, but you you astutely tweeted out Wednesday morning. Give me your best trade package for Jack eichel Chicago which prompted people to give off their best trade packages. Ron Jackson office a lot of compelling offers. I mean hitmon law, this is my favorite go figure Boston gets or Buffalo gets the Evan marinoff skier F boss gets Jacqueline Connor McDavid, and I said, I think the Prof gets more than just McDavid Michael. I think you might get puter off in there too. Well, here's the thing too. I mean Buffalo is in such disorder and disarray that you need not stabilizing presence there someone that's going to bring Authority and stop the shenanigans. So who better than that having that or not graph to correct? What's been going wrong in Buffalo for decades now, you gotta lay down long. That's what he's going to do. Right right down right now. It's a it's a character thing more than talent and that's the team needs so I continually yeah exactly they need a leader. But so that was a great one quart low lands a little does. He know that Evan and Connor are package deal. So that's a no deal in my books. That's fair. That's that's that's a good point. That's always going to send me the Buffalo wage. Thanks, Buffalo Winnipeg or Edmonton. I'm out on

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