Stop with the Cam Newton nonsense


Season officially upon us. We've got a lot of lot of stories a lot of rumors lot of things floating out there that may not make people happy. It's the long dark Patriots podcast. We're going to talk about everything and anything related to the Patriots particularly their quarterback situation, of course always rate review subscribe all that good stuff regarding Patriots podcast with Nick cattles nickel be back for another episode later on this week. I'm John zanis filling in and the story du jour or do week or whatever you want to say here appears to be a Cam Newton wage. His name is resurfacing and the Patriots quarterback starch and Greg. I can't I can't think of Anything worse to happen right now if you're a Patriots fan right now and and all you want is New Hope. Okay. This is a new hope the possibilities are endless blank canvas money draft picks Capital. Theoretically the Patriots could do a lot of different things some of which could be very exciting and interesting and I can't think of one thing that would just throw a wet blanket all over over all over that any more than bringing back Cam Newton. Yeah John, it's it's weird. I I started hearing the chatter on all the Sports Talk radio station a week and I'm like what the hell is going on? Like it's basically like Cam Newton's become it's similar to some of the debates that you hear in politics like where they just like Stoke fear in people to generate interest in their shows and things like that. It's like, ooh now Cam Newton's the boogeyman that like who they might be bringing Cam Newton back just to get people to react like people people need to settle down and this is why you suck. Had to be SJ this why you listen to this podcast because you know things like how last offseason when everybody was going nuts about Saddam was a guy in Cherry stem is going to be this and Jerry system is going to be that and he's going to be the next guy. You know, what did I tell you from January of last year over a year ago. I told you that he was not be the starter that there was going to be some sort of Veteran competition. So, you know, welcome to coming here where you where you get well informed you don't have to worry about the hysteria. You just get straight facts and and what's going on. So here's where we are. We Cam Newton and this is something that I've been talking about since the end of his Patriots season, which is it's always been a possibly that Cam Newton could come back here. It all depends on what happens with the market and who they end up with the quarterback and this and that but for anyone to suggest the Cam Newton month Is going to be re-signed being the definite number one. That's what we want starter here next year. That's not going to happen. It just it just isn't in and here's why. We've also sort of touched on this but just to sort of reinforce the point. I think what happened this past season is the Patriots realized and and look we've talked about it that there wasn't really a plan back to check understood that there weren't enough chairs for the quarterbacks and somebody was going to be left could have been Jameis Winston could have been Cam Newton could have been Andy Dalton could have been anybody. It happened to be Cam Newton and they said they'd make it work. It did not work and what I think John what happened was and actually I know this happened the Patriots realized after the Cam Newton experiment that not every quarterback can work in the system and that's not to say Cam Newton still not capable of playing good football. I think that he is do I think it could be better with a better Supporting Cast absolutely I do and do I think God Part of the problem last year. Yes, but at its basis in this scheme, you need a quarterback who sees the totality of what's going on in the field. You need someone who's going to win before the snap. You need somebody who's going to see something on the defense say that's this is about to be a bad play here. We're checking to this and Cam Newton outside of you know, he might he might have alerted a few plays here and there but not even close to what we've seen in and look I'm not going to compare him to Tom Brady. Nobody's going to be Tom Brady, but The Baseline Jimmy Garoppolo would have been a lot better. Jarrett Stidham probably would have been a lot better in terms of what he could even when Jarrett Stidham got in John. We saw things like Palm Coast him would change things that the line that's the Baseline in this offense. And that's where it starts. The number one tenant in this offense is don't run any bad place when the quarterback is incapable of doing that for whatever reason that's that's strike. Number one strike. Number two is understanding after the snap. What's going to happen? What is the defense going to do? What is that going to mean in in reaction time? Like if I see the if I see the free safety all of a sudden rotate from too deep to single single life safety. I should know like that who's going to be open, but great. Let me ask you real quick. Cuz everything you're saying makes perfect sense, but did you need a year of did the Patriots need a year of Cam Newton to know that he wasn't that guy? Is it did you think he was that guy walking through the door? Is there anybody really smart Personnel people out there who thought? Oh can't might be able to adapt to this Patriots dial offense. It didn't seem sensible fit. Anyway. This is a guy who's always had accuracy problems who who plays a totally different style of ball. I mean, I don't know why you would have brought him in the first place. If your idea was to offer a patriot style offense

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