Texas' power grid crumples under the cold

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Winter storms in texas have basically shut down the country's second biggest economy and extreme weather highlights the opportunity for the emergency preparedness industry okay. This seems to have escalated ridiculously quickly over the last week since monday. Millions of texans have been cold without power some cases. They don't even have water in just about all of the country. It's freezing outside right now but in texas it's also freezing inside because the electricity and the heat has been out statewide and then you get another arctic blast. That hit wednesday got kentucky west virginia louisiana off facing outages. To and while. Texans are trying to stay warm. Businesses are shut down okay. Huge numbers jack. And i noticed yesterday. Five hundred walmarts and nearly one thousand. Cbs walgreens pharmacies are closed. Just closed plus the oil and gas refineries in like oilfields their on hold too which has caused an oil price bike. Okay so you've got this fifty year storm. Basically nothing in texas was built to handle this kind of storm but we also noticed a trend within a trend. It's not just extreme weather. We're seeing more in this country. But extreme weather is leaving. More and more americans powerless for more and more days. Okay so that second part is the key here. Go back to two thousand seventeen. You get hurricanes and flooding on the gulf coast. Leaving americans powerless twenty eighteen and twenty twenty you had wildfires in california and the west which led to lots of electrical blackout. And now you've got twenty twenty one extreme cold snow in texas again. It's leaving americans powerless. Now there's always been hurricanes wildfires and snowstorms but not this frequently and not this severe so you got public officials in grid operators preparing for like what to do

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