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Hey, welcome in to poke the bear episode thirty-two. He believed a Connor thirty two episodes. I move marinoff ski alongside Connor right about sports drone Connor how we doing and then I'm doing very great. How are you doing? I'm doing great as well. I got a haircut for people who can see on YouTube never hurts tough to get in these in these pandemic times, but I guess haircutting. I was talking to the barber and in fact saying a business was still great and I'm like, well, it's true. You can't like replace a haircut. I mean what you just not going to get your haircut which some people have been doing but it like I did that as being in the pandemic I you know, look at early videos of me from like April and I got my haircut in like two months and I just had a big brick entry on my head, which was not which is not a great look also move my room around for those watch. To begin different background total moving everything around so everything is everything is changing. Yeah. I'm still stuck in Tahoe. But you know, there's worse places to be stranded right now. There's no flights out of town back to life. That's yeah, that's really tough. So the only person who had a worse in Tahoe than you and the Flyers was Jeremy loops on like the little Segway chairman Shack close on it was announced on Wednesday to have a fractured left wrist. I believe correct or it was it are left left our hand rather. Yep, Sanford left hand and he is out there. Oh, they will re-evaluate him in four weeks. So minimum. He's out a month not great for the Bruins defense. What do they do in his absence? Yeah, I think with Louis on out the next guy up is going to be your whole back in dine-in which obviously you look across the the lineup. It's not great right now on defense I mean for for tonight's game. The Islanders you're going to probably have Jacobs of roll back. But other than that macros, it's not going to be ready. Even though he's getting closer which is at least one kind of somewhat of a positive Kevin Miller who didn't go off off of what we thought was just you know load management arrest don't really know when he's coming back right now. It seems like the knees bothering him which I think we all expected if it's still not good just from a pure Optics of you know, how long I mean bothering him after about a week off. So for right now, you're expecting John Malone, Clifton flop back in but you still need a guy to replace lausanne in that top and roll and again, it's not great with the amount of bodies are missing right now. And you know, we spoke about it on Bruins beat that a guy like Matisse at home would be a good fit. But at least the immediate right now, you're at loose getting a guy in the back nine and who you're able to at least get an extended look at right now, right? I mean, he's a guy who was a first round pick in 2017. I think was probably you know one be maybe one day. It's one point West Palm. Go as your top prospects, so there's still a lot to like about him as a player, you know, even though he might maybe has a price tag needs down the right where everybody kind of plateaued a little bit down in Providence. I think this is going to be your first extended look to see how we can do open NHL. Maybe he responds. Well, maybe it's like Isabel who kind of was stuck down in Providence gets a spot up here. And, is that a role? So I think you saw on Sunday. He held his own. I mean he played over 23 minutes of ice-time looked pretty good in that spot. So I think that's the plan for right now to see what Beckham has. What do you can give you put them with Negley helps out quite a bit cuz McEvoy can I think carry most guys as his D partner? So let's see if we plan right now and worst case scenario. You switched him guys around best case you have a guy who could potentially be a a top poor fit if he really runs with the opportunity given to him this year. Yeah. This is recognizance chance like this is this is the chance the back nine and has dead. Been looking for in the Bruins have been looking for in him since they drafted him pretty much like this is a big thing and but again like we talked about this on Bruins be back in 9 and could turn into a Bobby or over the next thousand many games, you know month or so it still does not defeat the fact that you need to acquire another top-four left shot defenseman. You need it especially just considering, you know, Kevin Miller's dealing with some injuries right now. I'm at girls Excel with injuries all season. So Borel Lowe's not like I mean, I don't want to name the defenseman who have been Untouched by injury cuz I don't want to jinx them Birds fans get on before. But yeah, this is this is a condensed chance and I thought he looked good in Tahoe. I'm not going to sit here and say I thought he looked amazing. Like I thought he looked you know good first game first came back, you know good nothing that makes me go. Oh he's going to he's going to kill this opportunity going to do amazing. But again, that's sort of birth. Needs to be seen so to speak but you know again, it's this thanks for Lowe's on though because lausanne was a guy who this was his opportunity. And by the way doesn't mean it's over. This is opportunities, not over cuz he certainly met most of it. Well while he was in it before he before he hurt his arm, but it's tough. I think for him to sort of see a big opportunity like this be postponed another month, especially if they go out and acquire another life shot defense because maybe they'd sub close on down to the third pairing or maybe they'd sub grows like down in the third parent but nonetheless tougher Lowe's on top of the ribbons on that break. But again, we don't know when lausanne will exactly be back shortly a safe bet to make but a safe bet to make would be to go to our good friends over betonline.ag. You just got the the death segues for this in the area on fire now, but yeah. Anyway, what's up guys? It's an exciting time of the year around the Sports World football might be over dead. But the NBA is in full swing and yes Bruins hockey is returned, even though you may not be at a game this year yet. You can still be

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