'Sex and the City' is coming back, but it's missing one key character


Sex in the city will return seventeen years. After its last episode aired for what tencent ten episodes. I'm so excited about this. Your this is breaking news to me. It will star three of the four original leads. Sarah jessica parker cynthia. Nixon and kristin davis carrie miranda charlotte. We'll all be back. I'm not shocked that the other don't like control they i. I was shocked. When i got into this. Deep dive about kim cottrell and sarah jessica parker and their feud and i thought their on screen relationship had so much chemistry. I thought there's no way off air. Apparently it was tense onset. Like they'd film the scene and then partways access is good. That's good acting right there. Because i wouldn't feel fake. It sex in the city will return seventeen years after its last episode aired. Hbo max that's where it

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