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Sex and the city is coming back. You guys parker cynthia. Nixon and kristin davis confirmed it with this teaser. They're bringing the show back to life on. Hbo maxima. here's a twist for one thing. The show has a new name. It's called and just like that. The other big changes. That kim cottrell will not be back. As samantha. super surprise about that part of it. But you guys here for this look. I think everybody has been waiting for this to happen for a very long time. Where that you like. The series are not whether you like the movies are not you know a character. You still know which character that you are. This show holds a place. And everybody's heart. I don't care who you are man ads. but also what if your character doesn't come back. Like i'm a combination of carrying samantha. So half of me is no longer in this series. And i think you know what i mean like me. That really upsets me. I i found out about this late yesterday was like what's going on. I didn't fully understand what was going on. I'm here for it. But the fact that they're trying to use a different title and try to differentiate from sex in the city as much as possible. I just feel like is the juice worth the squeeze like you have such an iconic franchise you did the show for however many seasons. You have two movies the second movie we let pass because whatever we're super fans and we didn't care as much as we should now to revamp it in like a smaller scale with only three of the women when it's really about the four of them and then also to know that whatever feud has gone on behind the scenes is so bad that somebody will not return sort of just jolts. I don't know the the magic of it all a little bit. Like do people want no samantha. In this show one time samantha. But i i. I love the other girls enough that i told him away without her own. No the problem is the show is called. Sex city remarried broadband. We know nobody's having sex in that city. Okay so give me somebody. I need you to cast somebody. Who's going to be that young sexy siren that's going to actually explore the city as a single woman and have these women go ahead and kind of guide her through now over the years i will say sex in the city has gotten a little bit of pushback because of their lack of diversity this is. Hbo's chance and sexy cities chance to show that they can cast somebody in that role at all. I want is a quarterly simmons or isa raid in that role. We had you know. I love the. I also think it's one of those things. Where if you're not gonna bring samantha back and i know i read a little bit about the show this morning. And it says it's about the women navigating friendships in their fifties. Then i think that you need to also include losing friends. People throughout their life people who have been friends for twenty years. If you're no longer going to have samantha around. I don't wanna hear that samantha's in la or central pay or dating. Some man tell us that samantha went awol. And y'all are not cool anymore. Like i love that. And pretend she's gone and it's all fine also. Don't you think that some are Critic his character is going to be like the one divorce because she's so least likely to be divorced. They've gotta have a good twist. They're already been divorced. she's dead. She converted also watch your language. Watch your language because you keep on saying if you're not gonna have some antibac- if you're not going to invite her in samantha. Was the one kristen her name. I'm i can into the one who said she would never do. Another sex in the city again never wanted to play that character again. It was not her. She wanted to move on. So we can't because a lot of people are pointing fingers at sarah jessica parker a nephew of why shouldn't come back but she said she wasn't going to come. Was it on like kim yet. Her but there was. She couldn't get the last. I think we're done with samantha. They hate each other and the fact that they hate each other to the extent that they hate each other and we still don't really know why is fascinating to me couple. Let's get a couple like major things about the story. What do you think so you think you guys both in kristen's karat. Why can blink charlotte. You think charlottesville. What about big and kerry together or broken up together can carry gonna be together. I don't think it's going to be. I think the new adventures are gonna come with the new woman. I think we're going to get the fashion. I think we're going to get the city. And i also think we're going to get a diverse for the character that we have always need it in this series or something like twenty twenty one like i think it's i think it's just give me comoro. You like let me get my life. Yeah i'm excited about this. I am excited to see what it's gonna be and how they're gonna do it. I'm sure it's going to be good no matter what the way. Let's be honest if kim control really wanted to come back on this show. They would have done it. She worked the last two seasons not liking. Sarah jessica parker joy behar and go back and rosie o'donnell crossing each other at a table for three years. These two can be on together at young to be kuenz. Has no interest was over sad. Can

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