A highlight from Hockey's Off to State, Thinking of Baseball


It's geared towards broadcasters and journalists so no more dastardly and no more old way of getting the sound the not sound like dirt so definitely looking forward seeing what this program didn't do nosso looking forward to just talk and nothing but ohio state and what a blockbuster trade is an and sticking with the hardened trade for months on end just kidding. We're talking local sports and no no software. Change is going to change that but now you know in case the quality sounds a little bit better. It does give me a better opportunity to put in you. Know fadeaways segues and skip to next topic so hopefully it will sound a lot. Better dot just the sound quality but the flow of the podcast episodes. At least that's what my hope is. It could just be me you know now. I don't think it's just me so there we go. Let's begin episode before we hit the ice to talk about hockey conference tournaments normally the last step to the state play-offs by normally i mean it is the last step towards the playoffs. Everyone in the state of ohio gets in this state playoffs for ice hockey. There's only about eighty eighty six teams in the state that are from we're gonna start with the capital hockey conference. I we will talk about the junior. Varsity division both cincinnati squads made it into the semis and both those cincinnati squads had really nice seasons but the mullahs crusaders. Were on the short end of the stick to the olatunji liberty patriots three to nothing and saint and the bombers the top seeded bombers in the junior. Varsity division fell just short to upper arlington and for the championship. Oland tain-jy liberty won in a not against upper arlington two to one making the patriots of olatunji liberty. The jv blue jackets cup champions and we talk about the varsity side of things. Remember the blue jackets cup. Varsity has championed site and a constellation champion. Sipe it just depends how well you do in the regular season if you're in the blue division. You're playing for the constellation championship. you're in the red or the first two finishers in the white division then you have yourselves. I spot in the top champion bracket. Let's begin with the constellation championship. It's the saint xavier bombers as the top seed. No i'm sorry. The second highest seed in the constellation brackets. They knock off new albany seven to four to hoist the constellation championship cup. So congrats go out to coach both in the bombers for that success the bombers outscore new albany seven to four in the championship say necks had a bye. They took on worthington kilborn and shut out the wolves. Seven nothing and then battled hard against dublin. Kaufman three two two before setting up the new albany side of things. The eagles in new albany also had a first round bye. They took on saint francis the sales and defeated the stallions. Nine to one with set up the next battle against oland tangent. Who by the way defeated spring borough. Five to two. It was the eagles soaring over the braves of all and tannoudji. Five two and then new albany fell just short in the consolation. Championship bracket to saint xavier. Now we talk about the championship one. Cincinnati area teammate. To the top eight that will be the mullahs crusaders. However they were squashed in the first game against olin tain-jy liberty three two one. Liberty would be best in the next game against upper arlington. Two to one golden bears won it in three overtimes at the ice house and for the championship. another close affair but the top seed saint. Charles cardinals could not take the cup home. It was up arlington the two seed with afford to upset on the cards. And i know what you're thinking. That's no route upset to over. One what would you call it them. So there you go up arlington. I believe this is the second third straight time. They've won the cbj cup. Golden bears have themselves quite the program. None undefeated season like last year. But you know what they got. The season they bowed hard. They got the two seed that tells you how tough the golden bears are saint charles on the other side fantastic season just coming a little short against their ice house. Foes in upper arlington such blue jackets. Cup your winners again. Jv allante angie liberty. Your concentration camps are saint. Xavier and your champions are the upper arlington golden bears. That takes care of the capital hockey conference. Go back to episode two three of you like to hear about the state playoffs in ice hockey. We cover that to an exquisite detail and now we talk about the southwest hockey league tournament which was held primarily at south metro sports but one game did take place at the. Northland is center. And i believe we covered that game mason elder the three seed besting the sixty nine to three so for the championship. It's the number one beaver creek beavers.

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