Filling the archives with stories from Black Silicon Valley


We talked last week about how the stories of lack inventors were literally left out of the history books. Documenting the early internet now. A story about preserving that history in late twenty nineteen archivists from stanford university met in fremont california with over a dozen black engineers and entrepreneurs who had been working in the tech industry for decades. One of them was. Danny allan also been first engineering. Professors say some people in this class. That don't belong five of us thirty so actually wound up hating engineering. While to become an engineer. Alan worked as an engineer for bank of america and the electric power research institute in palo alto. He's now the vice president of global diversity and inclusion at sap labs stanford was interviewing allan and others for a new archive dedicated to the history of black people. Working in silicon valley henry low would helped build stanford silicon valley archive as a curator at the university. And he had realize that the stories of allen and others at that meeting were missing from the university's records to realize that there are substantial communities successful people who've not been fully represented. The archive is a. You know a bit of a shock. It's kind of sad disappointing. That that were at this position. But you very grateful to be be in a situation where i can try to respond to it though it had been inspired by kathy cotton. A longtime silicon valley recruiter turned archivist. She saw that. No one was telling the stories of the many black engineers and software developers. She knew were important to. The tech. industry's success. So

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