Roku Reaches Agreement with Warner Media


After an eight month. Standoff roku says it's reached a deal with warner media to carry the hbo max streaming service. The two companies have been at loggerheads over the financial terms for roku to carry the service. Here's a reporter patient tagging with more. It's huge for hbo. Max since they launched the service in may they've been gaining subscribers pretty slowly and and some would say struggling to catch up with the netflix and disney plus the big names that they want to compete with the streaming world and hbo. Max really raised the stakes just in the past few weeks. They announced that they would release. Wonder woman nineteen eighty-four on christmas day on the atrium master simultaneous with its release in theaters. Then they announced they would do the same for all of their films coming out next year. That's an unprecedented move. In the way major studios released movies and it really put a lot more pressure on roku to get a deal. Done workers at an amazon warehouse in alabama. I got the go-ahead to proceed with a unionization vote. It will be the first such election for an amazon facility. Since twenty fourteen and at the test of the potential for additional labor organizing the nation's second largest employer amazon workers have never previously formed or joined a union in the. Us

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