When Life Is A Movie


It was like a movie screen. There is no need to look in the camera. it's right they're is lending to stare into it. It's over there and right there so all you must do his be yourself. It often feels weird when you're going around people but the good news is the chair in the movies and all you must do read the script. Study the lines and let the screen capture what needs to complete the sink. Okay action right now. Feeling like a triangle. But all you see is obtuse but type of fail missus quantity should you be four with an accent. He felt as if you should change since this is a movie and all so you don't understand that when you have others depending on you. Things seem harder when it's hard process then when you're just playing jane doin- what she does. He have to watch your step so you don't become a blooper image heels. Why do you have to where. He wants a tennis shoes or more comfortable. Or maybe even boots flats. Oh so you're trying to explain to me when you're in the movies you must go with the character role. You're playing sometimes when things get too hard explicit language so that changes the guidance on the parental control. If you have children please be warned. Cut cut cut taking the script skimming up and down so now you could end up being abused and lie to from someone who thought cared but you know sometimes people have bad days to does your day have to include someone who has no intentions of being a part of what you have done. How about the world. Do you think you're making the world. Thinks negative about someone who you can't be a part of that show action quiet on the set you get news today. The doctor called told you the stress level could be harmful to you so it st. Aren't you the one going around town trying to make a fool out of someone that you barely know. Oh so that's funny I tell you what. I don't have to take this of so much better things on with me and don't worry if i don't care if you're not impressed because the star of this show is you know see what's a slight when people look for mistakes in you try to create or rewrite. What is yours try. The lotto is better than this movie. I see forcing someone to relive something that happened long ago. What a minute. You don't move lines. I've been through this before but action when you live it when the incident happened to you over time you could remember that dream we had. I say it was a flashback. Or others would like a deja vu the movies so silent. Why sooner ruckus nobar saint for me to talk about. So what is the question at hand. Living to make an oscar or an emmy. So if i'm walking down the red carpet and tend to slip and fall. I can gracefully get up and smile left at all hold it. I thought i read about what happened on the screen in media. I didn't let me see what it says. That's not bad where did speak to come in at. Oh no this person is not me. I have found someone else who is trying to imitate. What has happened to me when you find out. Those shoes you got in was a lot more for them. To handle you have lived you have learned and you have been taught in the movie of life not to trust in everyone or even speak about or even. Show them what you had happened because it tends to be online with someone who was not you should the mask be removed to uncover the fake fax that it was not in. I looked and looked the camera's still on you. I guess it's time to get up. Wipe the dirt of my jeans. I continue with the movie. Trust me when all that you have put into it would be a waste to give up now. Just as the scenes tend to change the starring role issue cut. That was a good take. People tomorrow is a new day. Get plenty of wrist. Enjoy the night but remember the lines are not subject to change. It has been written in the script so you can take charge and character leading the screen. No you're not afraid of letting the world know what has happened on the screen because somewhere someone may just have it on camera.

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