The Simple Secret to Living a Life of Adventure by Jennifer of SimplyFiercely on Courage


The simple secret to living a life of adventure by jennifer of simply fiercely dot com this month marks six month blogging anniversary and as a gift to us. Both i want wanna write about one of my favorite topics adventure because we all want more adventure. Our lives right after all adventures. What makes our blood pump are. Palm sweats our hearts race. Is what makes life worth living mr secret ingredient that little extra something that makes life amazing. The good news is there's a simple way to live a life of adventure if you want it. But i indulge me for a moment and let's talk about this blog six months six months sexually kinda hard to believe because in that short time this little blog has become a huge part of my life i work or at least think about blogging. Almost every day and most definitely changed the way. I think about myself marshy starring to consider myself as a writer albeit cautiously a term. I never thought i'd use to describe myself right up. There with minimalist. Blogging is bringing me a lot of joy. I love having a little part of the internet. That's all mine in passion project. Pour my heart into my love. Writing trying to capture the ideas that flutter around my mind like tiny butterflies sometimes with limited success and most of all i love having conversations with my readers about new ideas or hearing that my writing is actually helped or inspired someone. This seriously blows my mind. But here's the thing. My blog also scares the bejesus out of me every time. I pressed the ominous publish button on a new post. A little voice tells me my writing isn't original. I'm not sure i'm even making sense. And my personal favorite. Who am i to be giving advice to anyone. Then the voice continues a slightly hysterical tone. Why oh why kunia. Just keep your thoughts safe insecure inside your head. Now you're so exposed man. I feel utterly and completely terrified for a bit and then i put my big girl pants on and get over it from starting to notice a pattern about fear is not just blogging. I feel this way. Every time i step off a plane in a new country is always that split second when i wish i could teleport myself back home where everything is safe and familiar. I feel this way. Every time i start more quit a new job in either situation. There's always waves of doubts and the urge continue doing was comfortable even if i'm miserable rather than face the unknown and i definitely felt this way when i told my name husband. I loved him a week after we met when every inch of my brain was shouting. Keep your mouth shut in fact pretty much. Every awesome adventure in my life has been accompanied by soul crushing doubt ridden fear which lead to draw the only logical conclusion. Today's big secret in the point of this post. If you wanna live a life of adventure follow. your fear. speak was easier to stay silent. Go out when it's safe to stay home be vulnerable. Do the exact opposite of what your head is telling you to do and follow fear instead. Let it guide you off the beaten path. The one was clearly marked signs street. And instead down dimly lit alleys. Because you know that's where all the fun happens now to be clear. Life with fear isn't all roses following your fear doesn't guarantee success doesn't guarantee you won't get lost and in most definitely does not guarantee you won't get hurt in fact more often than not it leads you directly to those things. Fear likes to watch watching make awkward chitchat at parties roam the streets at two. Am looking for hotel and cry into your pillow with a broken heart. Fear doesn't guarantee that everything will work out but it does guarantee adventure my fault fear and quit a job. I hated and ended up in a new job. I heated even more blown away. I took an all expenses paid trip around europe. Learn pretty awesome at public speaking and sparked an interest in digital marketing. I follow fear. Got married to a man. I barely knew at twenty three and ended up divorced by thirty two but marriage prompted. Australia helped me to understand. True self man taught me a lot about what does and doesn't work in my relationships. I followed fear. Man hitchhiked with strangers traveled solo round. The world played with baby tigers. When i'm here telling my story with all my fingers and toes intact so you win some you. loose them. Present about winning or losing visit is about memories and skipped heartbeats laughter and tears purpose and passion. Adventure is waiting. If you're brave enough to follow it

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