The Hollywood Ripper And The Hollywood Slashers


Hello and welcome to drowning verdict. I'm chip mahoney and you're listening to my true crime podcast. This is a podcast where i talk about cases out there that fascinate me and go more in depth with the case. So thanks for joining me today. You might found me on my youtube or twitter which is a good way to check out the episodes. And if you're there on youtube i'm doing full episodes their format c-can sub follow and always get the latest episodes there You can also find me by the way on just about any where you get your favorite podcast whether it stitcher spotify apple Whichever platform you prefer. I'm there you can follow share with friends and come back for more. Because as i often say to listeners of the podcast try to deliver something New and interesting a unique angle if you will. I'm an author. I like to talk about story connections and maybe from time to time finding some truth here and there especially on something that's Say a cold case and can be No excuse me a case that's been solved. That was once cold and that can be applied to something. That's open and active something to be learned if you will so in today's episode I've got a interesting thing to talk about One is a recent case that is Been in the courts last couple of years and has finally come to justice. The other is traveling back in time about forty years nonetheless. Same place of activity crimes. Which would be los angeles area sunset strip hollywood and you know not the bright lights and and fancy stuff there the underground the dark underbelly and also i have a fun fact for you Maybe i should backtrack there. It's not so fun as much as it is an interesting fact but you tell me What you might think of it now. If you leave a comment you know Ted bundy you know the name and in america. He's the most sensationalized killer of our time. There's probably no less than fifty movies and books on that guy. And he wasn't the most prolific if you will if you're keeping stats I think it was samuel. Little died recently. He was near ninety three victims. So he's not like that guy but nonetheless you know his name and the serial killer world he reigned supreme which is an interesting thing and a sad thing at the same time because in america we like to keep stats so very strange about us folks. But here's a fun fact for you if you will. There was another serial killer in the united states named bundy with the same last name. And furthermore wasn't a guy it was a woman and her name was carol m bundy and she's a focus of Part of today's episode. Along with her partner in crime men name doug clark and they were coined the hollywood slashers. They did their dirty work about forty years ago. So today's episode. I'm talking about the hollywood ripper. Which is a recent kind of case that's come to being closed. And justice brought to their and then the hollywood slashers going back about forty years and just to talk about these two Cases and maybe learn something for the future. So let me talk about carol bundy and doug clark before i get into the ripper. Who came around. Oh probably about twenty five thirty years later and was most recently convicted. So those two somehow each other in the dirt and grime areas of sunset strip area in those bars and they got together with her dark ideas And found that they shared some some dark fantasies. If you will on some sick fantasies

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