Trump acquitted: Senate votes 57-43 at impeachment trial


For a second time the Senate has acquitted Donald Trump in an impeachment trial fifty seven senators voted that trump was guilty of inciting the capital insurrection ten fewer than needed to convict him so you said Donald John trump B. it is hereby acquitted Democrat Patrick Leahy announcing the result in the case of lead house prosecutor Jamie Raskin said was not really about trump this trial is about who we are and whether the world would see that America would let a leader get away with the ridging followers to violently breach the seat of government trump lawyer Michael Vander Veen said that then president had nothing to do with the riot that what he called a show trial was born instead out of hatred for trump and it's time to end of the witch hunt allow America's healing to begin seven Republicans voted with Democrats to convict trump who quickly welcome to the acquittal saying his movement has only just begun Sager mag ani Washington

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