Duchess of Sussex wins High court case against The Mail on Sunday

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Be big news for the duchess of sussex this week. Who won her privacy and copyright case against the mail on sunday a summary judgment at the high court in london this week ruled in favor of megan extra extracts of the letter that she had written to estranged father thomas markle. This was a much anticipated. Win for mega This has been going on for two years now. In fact it was two years ago that the men sunday i ran a melons. Animal line ran five stories online and in that paper featuring extensive extracts from this very private letter written father the duchess of sussex The hailed victory is a comprehensive win and went onto cole out newspapers and legal and dehumanizing practices as i said it's been a two year battle but this saw the judge bronze summary judgment in her favor over those extracts being published. He called them passing on privates. Despite the arguments put forward by the defendant in fact lord justice will be found for meghan and claim for misuse of private information against associated newspapers. And he said it was in short a pass on private letter the majority of what was published was about the claimant's own behavior have feelings of anguish about her fondness behavior as she saw it and the resulting rift between them. These are inherently private and personal matters. It's a huge win to mega. And i would also say for the royal family. Because i think that had the male have won this case it would have set a dangerous precedent over What could be argued to be within the public's interest and acceptable for publication. But this does the power back into the copyright holders hands and i think we saw from that statement put out by the duchess of sussex cleanly. She was very happy with the win.

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