A highlight from #432: Scaremongering


Force as a o. S. sdn hbo. You can find a link initial descriptions in the cotton description and enrolls. I post videos. You should be able to find too. So how's it going. How's tricks how the situation up. You'll good way you may be. I am doing as well as im- as well as hoped i think. Yeah well as as as well as was mentioned as what has helped offense considered. I'm not sure about you. But i don't think ever felt more ugly in my entire life than now both inside and out. I feel like he added. I've ever feed in the same buffalo. Been so devoid of any sort of experiences in life that in the last eighteen months much everybody else. That's kind of enriched me. I'm devoid of enrich enriching life experiences. That can actually say oh. Yeah did X. y. and z. O. into this place. This person i saw that thing was at that place at that moment in time. I've been branded as moments. I feel rich. So i feel ugly in insight also feel obviously naturally ugly outside might legitimately might be. The face of urban illegitimate might be the worst of looked in terms of facially antos of body composition. Just all of it. It's just horrendous Gonna take a few months to get this funchal from me. No is similar. It kind of feels like you know when you're on a plane for long like especially if you're gonna in for any time any more free hours right you have that kind of weird f plane funk smell maybe from the recycled ed. You're kind of subjected to which is probably going to be held now with mosque. Remember back in the day. This is so weird. How is right. You remember ages ago when we used to go to the airport and you look at people from the far east wearing face masks and you think well i wonder what he or. She has used to be worried about them. It'll such way thing freaks to you. Now look what happened right the role on two years three years. Five years the wearing of a face mask in an airport is going to be very common. A machine most Ocd mums gotta make sure. The whole family has four face. Moscow mulligan on a plane is going to be a common thing especially because i predict it's going to be one tragic scaremongering story. The press is going to run with renting's reopen up again. I'm i assume there's gonna be some unlucky family going to contract. The virus on the plane is going to be the first recorded. Incidents first cases have come down it'll disolve hyperbole back on the by predict that's going to be like a standard thing. Going forward is going to be people that have legitimate leader. Sat remember when it was weird. When you go to point to take your shoes off thousand post nine eleven right they take your shoes off. And i think he was post that guy that tried to get on a plane and blow up the plane with with a shoe bomb. I british do. Try to go somewhere in america and changed the way we solve. What we in the apple. We accepted that full body scan thing. We accepted them. You know picking out random passengers who happened to be non white For an extra fara we know rectum and cavity search in the nondisclosure room around. The corner does a big dose with normal things also to predict now when the world reopens. Nomo thing will be just to kind of wear face. Because you're gonna plane so this is why it feels like there's a copy on the plane. It feels like the last winter. Like bali horowitz mexico. Ever i those players usually templars hours. And as you know you'll constantly getting fed the the airline food right africa's every four hours ever is they give you your century cramp craftsy especially.

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