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All right. Let's get to the interview this week. I'm talking with danny shaw design educator located in new york city. Let's start the show all right so tell us who you are and what you do all right. Thanks for having me. I'm danny shaw. I'm a design educator. Most of the time also product manager when need to be a project manager as well and at the co- at the end of the day. I'm still a designer multi multi-disciplined design of course across the digital space. Okay how has twenty twenty one been for you so far. Twenty twenty one i mean. What are we with thirteen days. Then will far personally has been fine. You know but just looking at the world around me. You would be hard pressed to say that right but personally has been fine so far. So i'm grateful for that How was last year. I know you know the pandemic really kind of turned everyone's world upside down to some sort away. How did you get the year. Last year was a lot. I think a lot of people was ally of me personally. A lot of personal relationships it greatly impacted things for instance my grandparents who visit my grandparents all the time multiple times throughout the eddie live atlanta. I have not been able to see them. And that's really been a tough pill to swallow on person aside and not being able to see other relatives so that's definitely been hard but then which is probably roundabout way on the professional side. It's it's been probably one of the most busiest of hat professionally. A lot of business in the landscape changes so fast rapidly where the digital acceleration accelerated even more than the pace that it was already at which impacted my inbox in my email. People me up for advice and counsel and job. So it's been a mixed bag is definitely been a mix. Let's focus on work for a minute here. You're the director of digital design and strategy for a company called brand share. What does brands share. Do all right. So shit is e commerce marketing company in for a lot of people who may not be familiar with that concept and idea. We work with a lot of. Cpg burns consumer packaged goods such as emmons but if a lot of the packaging goods that we see on a regular basis as consumers so we work with these companies in regards to the marketing strategy. Introducing them to the market gaining insights and data on these new products that's being introduced to the market and we partner with them on their strategy and execution and how the scale they are offering to the audience at large in a nutshell. It comes across multiple channels digital in person shipping. We do a lot of experts. You things as well so Touch on a lot of areas with these brands trying to get as far as being the partner between the brands and these new products. That's trying to the market. In services and reaching that specific audience that the china targeting reach for their respective products. How did you first get started there at the time. I was transitioning from a position that i was working. At in north carolina as product manager and at the time there was some organizational changes. And i was looking in north carolina and and doing that and just going back and forth between new york and chronic to get my fares in order and iran ran to the person who became my manager So we just ran into each other. We used to work in the past at time. inca essence. She just told me she was working there. She was she just started. She was trying to build a team. She was looking for some freelance designers and asked me if i would be open to discuss it and i i'm open to discussing. I was just transitioned from the last role and said hey you know this might be something of interest for me. While i'm transitioning to china figure out the next and then it just happened to work out. Well we worked well together. I've worked with the rest of the team. And i'm working on the designs and floor the digital initiatives and then it just kind of kept going from there into full-time role and then may stand with the company and so forth. What does the team. Makeup look like autumn. Agean you've got designers because you mentioned design but do you work with so i work with everybody. We work with everybody. So i have Outside of me to other designers on my team i work with the vp of marketing. A record the bp digital. We're we're not. We're about fifty. I'll not that big. So we're about fifty person staff based in new york and of pennsylvania so i pretty much everybody to chairman of the company as well That the president. It really depends on the project. What's what needs to be done. You get to intimate environment. So i kind of get to work with everybody account managers and so forth as well now given that the company sizes is so small like what's a typical daylight now because i would imagine you all are not able to get together in an in an office or you now while the pennsylvania offices so they are all the way the to set up a lot of the new york office we are. We're all remote right to be clear. And we were based in midtown manhattan midtown manhattan but The pa office depending on the circumstances on what might be needed. Maybe like a photo shoot or something like that. Some members still going to office but for the most part is still pretty much remote as well. So yeah but a typical day. Nowadays is really. Just you know looking at Obviously out calendar in the before just trying to coordinate on the bear. Risk projects and initiatives looking at tickets. You know gotta look at these tickets to see what's to was the status of status meetings just to kind of make sure that we're on track with a lot of things calls a foul benders looking at roadmap. There's a lot of. I would say a lot of time. Put was president planning a lot more so than in the past so so to speak. It really varies. I really wouldn't even know what to say. What did with low but my on a log. I'm pretty much aware of what my day is already gonna look like just because i leave when i log out. I just see what. I have lined up for the next day. So usually it's a mix between meetings. Some our collaborate with the design team once needed as well as account manager for any new requests checking on the status of ongoing projects as well touching base with the vp of digital. For any other items. That might be down the line sometimes. I am checking in with some of our dev engineers team on the status of things as managing few about digital initiatives and ecommerce sites. Yeah it really ranges mountain towns. I'm looking at analytics in number. Metrics is to see if you know some insights in in regards to the strategy. And make sure we're on pace. We're doing the right thing. There's room for improvement in always looking for some wounds improvements as well so it really varies. Throughout the day. Monday tuesday could be two completely different. Days does sound like a lot. Yes it's it's cool but yeah it can vary a lot. Have you had to adopt any sort of new like strategies or workflows over the past year. Yeah sure well. They tend to crack jokes on me. Because i am like the uae. Try to organize one. You know being a project manager and in the past and project management roles a really try to align and keep things as organiz as feasibly possible. So i think i've definitely had been allowed strong advocate for that. Not just for myself but across the team especially during kobe right so that one thing that be really just had to really make adjustments for the communication on big on communication. I think a lot of not just designed problems. I think a lot of problems in general could be resolved if we communicate elopement so readily had to be strategic in how we communicate and open up communications to help foster solutions especially now that we're not all in this together we can't just walk over to someone and so forth so the communication was definitely gonna be safe there and also iguanas when everything for his hidden in in the world changed right before. Is i do think aloud people kind of know what to do right. So we worked in mit working past normal times and things like that and i think for me was at a place where it had to be diligent about. Okay shut off. There's only so much you can do. And i think not just for me. A lot of people had to make that adjustment as well with the state of the world. Yeah i know a lot of think. It was last year right around the time that the that the pandemic happened. Or the the lockdown started to happen. I was talking with a lotta people for the show who they had either just started a new job in like now it's day for and their mentor. Work from home continually or they're having a tough time to transition from being in the office to now having to sort of work in this synchronous sort of fashion right. And i will say to me. Just because i've had roles in the past where i've worked remote merola north carolina. It was a big remote work environment. Culture prior i would go into the office but it was nothing to see a member who was working remote that day for various reasons. It was very flexible. People have kids people have health issues. We worked with teams across the country. Kind of remote teams across the country engineer so it was never never felt like everybody had to be all his so for me. I was comfortable already transitioned into a more remote environment but this has been the most. I don't know if this is the most remote. I just to show. Has there been like one thing that you've gotten that's really helped you make that adjustment pretty. Well bob meditated. On is i. I really got into a meditation a bit more. Just read different philosophies at least for me just trying to make sense of everything that was going on you know i. I don't have the head. Space is the head. Space app was very very helpful. Helped me sleep more consistently in and things like that. We all just trying to figure out what works for us right. I didn't feel i needed. I wasn't really looking for anything. I was going to make me a better employee anyway. On it I think i was more concerned with was going to help me maintain some schmidt to help during all this time. Yeah so like when it comes to working on a new project or with a new client. What does that creative process look like with you being the director strategy. I know you've got the team under you. What does that sort of process look like from start to finish well. It really varies. Because the relationship that we have with declines it changes in some cases we are more or less facilitators and creative may already common just working on a strategy how to execute it for them and what are the proper market in digital media channels so to speak and then other times. We are developing in design in house. And when that happens of course that's when the standard procedures. What's what's the goal was the objectives. What are we trying to achieve was the demographics that research behind it first before we start opening programs right trying to get an understanding of what the client needs. What goes let's the. Kpi was the measurement of success prior to all of that and then basically looking at our offerings the now tools and resources to see how we can best executed across the board. It may not always be digital 'execution it might be exponential execution might be Just some inserts in getting them the scanty oracle's taken you know micro sites and things like that might be a newsletter campaigns and stuff like that so it does vary but i think we start each project just trying to warn just get an understanding of what are the key goals and objectives and. How do we facilitate that. That making sure that we have the right information to go about executing properly across creative across strategy and course execution as well

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