A highlight from 06/11/21 DPS Hour 3


Face off in the hall of game that will be august fifth. That means we have about eight weeks until real football. At least sort of preseason is an ideal. We didn't get it. Last here was canceled during the pandemic. And you do learn some things in the preseason. You get a chance to see rookies in particular rookie quarterbacks who might not get another chance during the season and we saw that jordan love didn't get any opportunity to play for the packers teams are wrapping up their otas and the league actually goes into hibernation for a month. I like how the nfl in the the next four weeks. Certif- says it's a gift to the other sports. All right here you go enjoy it. You got one month here. Unless there's movement with aaron rodgers then of course the. Nfl is going to take over the sports world. I don't know what's happening with green bag. I don't have a source on this. I have an inkling that i've always thought for aaron. Rodgers his legacy. If that's important to him you want to win a one another chance to win a super bowl. You've got one in green bay. You're not gonna get one anytime soon in denver and if you go to denver they're going to have to give up a player players and maybe some draft picks here it just feels like green bay was gonna trade aaron rodgers. They should have done it on draft night. Because i think you could have gotten a better whole and yet more options there. Now you're limited you got most of these teams are they're set. I mean denver's not with teddy bridgewater drew. Lock but the raiders. You know derek. Carr there's sort of set the jets are said. The bears are set. Carolina's not said but aaron rodgers. Not going to go to carolina. The rams to me would have been. That would have been awesome. That would have been the ideal spot for aaron rodgers but in as we move forward with this. Are we moving forward with this. It just feels like were sort of on a stationary bicycle. Bs mclovin we didn't really know. How good the broncos. We're going to be until peyton manning got there. Is there any chance. The broncos have like these young breakout talent that we just don't realize yet. Well i know all the articles you keep sending my way. The says exactly that. The denver has a lot of talent on that team. I don't i jerry jeudy. They're hiding it really well in denver if their goal is to keep it under wraps. You don't know they're that talented. They've done a really good job. Why headline they had the worst offense in the league last year according to pf just single worst. Don't tell us. Don't tell anybody that we gotta really. Mr in the gm office that michael having to their petro spoiling yes shut up club and we got them right where we want them. I can see john elway throwing something at the tv lavin shot up. Don't let people know we're good. Dare say though the the thirty second. Best offense in the league and we're we're five and eleven last year where we wanna to be. We could go five and twelve this year.

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