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Capital One What's in your wallet turns apply past old in front and cameras set up. By Everly. Couldn't convert it. Al Marcel trying to feed it towards the net that got blocked. Couple of good chances in the last 10 seconds for Leo Qamar off Goldman left side his wrist shot blocked away. And Ryan Pulock lead the Islanders back up ice. 5 22 left. Over the line left side Matt bars l feeds it across Palmeri right side takes it in behind the net and you move it off forever. Lee, I'll back out top Bullock for Leddy at the right point. In the Middle East Jordan Everly In the top of the slot, Pastor Marcel jumped off his dick able to retrieve it, dragging it behind the net has a little bit of room now curling to the left wing circle. Ryan Pulock out top down the slot wrist shot that's blocked wide. And McDonagh. We'll feed it up ahead. Coleman tips into the offensive end as Lightning make wholesale changes That's interesting. See Palmeri out there Atlanta shift with ourselves a little more of a chance to those chances that Komarov gets. No, he's not the greatest goal scorer in the league offside. Tampa For 36 to go. Regulation time course. Tomorrow night, the sea ships to Montreal Game three of the other. L. A Cup semifinal series, The Vegas Golden Knights heading to Montreal. Expecting maybe 3500 for the game at the Bell Centre. Of course, we'll have it covered for you right here on Sports USA. 7 30 Pregame 80 clock Face off John dollars. Jim Fox. On the call. New York Islanders in the biggest goal tonight, each with six come from behind wins. In the playoffs so far this year to lead the league on the Islanders. Get to seven there now. 14 20 to go. Billion of the right wing corner. It's a couple of shows from surrogates. Jeb Point will skate it out for Tampa Bay. Through center ice will feed it in. Dobson will take it back, though. Thanks it up the left side of Bobillier. The offensive end pass missed Josh Bailey back the other way. His point with over the counter attack, point left side tried to thread the needle but pellet blocked with the leg. Lot, keeps it into the left wing walks into the left wing circle out high run over the Russia The big save Varlamov.

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