A highlight from Episode #548 - Dykelganger - Dan Soder, Shane Gillis, & Kim Congdon


Bobby. I can't hear myself there i am. It is the legion of skaggs podcasts. Everybody we're coming to you. Live from the stand in union square new york. I'm big joe kherson. We are down one scan today but we do have david smith. What's up everybody new york city. I say officially. And i mean this is in the last three four days. New york city is back. Yes it is a regular place again. About fifty percent of you faggots. Have the balls to show your faces at side. I'm sorry too early on but seriously it's like you see it all over the place here on the streets. And they finally have their fucking masks up. And they kinda look like they just came out of like a bomb shelter and our grandma. Does this make me a nazi. We're all still. We're all days and confused for sure. David that's fucking by the way you you talk now very politics. I like it. Just i go. David smith and you go new york very finger. Talkie do your. I've seen in four days. New york hear me i am making. I'm making the slowest transition ever. I speak like a politician. But i still through a fact. Yeah i was. We'll say through it fan on the flying mean people the f. word i mean our guest dan lewis j gomez is out in las vegas doing las vegas stuff with las vegas people. Shanley guess what. Just booked to fight with logan paul. Finally he wishes finally he does wish man those pay days. Yeah we all wish. Yeah baby james's harvard monte. Loser's gonna get who's going to get beat up by jason ellis and then be able to buy shoe. Oh man when his son has to become his nurse so young we know in loses power. Pack this show so we made no mistake of doing that today. Everybody cool amazing hilarious to guests. I from the broad topics podcasts. Right here on the gas national network to i got lost in the intro. The broad topics podcast right here on the gas that you'll never get. It is hilarious in lovely. Kimberly kong and everybody

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