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Things a bit breezy as we turn our eyes to the sky. Well you're not semaj. Seven eight thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi a dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios just as mother nature reminded us as that land. Spout tornado hit a weld county. What what so ever could be the tallest tornado at about forty thousand feet That the state has ever seen well so too is a reminder that wildfire season is upon us and if looking into this hazy sky reminded you of another smoke-filled summer after last year's historic wildfire season don't panic yes says miles bloom heart out of the fort collins colorado and yes the sky is hazy and yes the hayes is from wildfires but there's much more to the story. The hayes is a mixture of heightened ozone concentrations Pretty typical on hot days. We had a spate a pretty hot days for five days in ninety plus degree temperatures. Get a break today. Of course but as i mentioned in our weather report this morning we get back into the nineties over the weekend ahead. But it's not only the heightened ozone concentrations but it's the wildfires in arizona and new mexico on wednesday as you heard in our news this morning you have the colorado department of public health and environment reporting the ozone concentration to be moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups along the front range including from denver to fort collins telegraph and moscow. Fires of learnt burning north of tucson and southeast of phoenix. They have burned more than one hundred and forty thousand acres combined this. According to the interagency incident information center those fires along with an full of others in arizona and mexico have created light concentrations of smoke across colorado and especially in mountain vite. Valley's now you also have a wildfire that broke out just yesterday afternoon for evacuations in jefferson county. According to darren whitehead out of nine news yet. The jefferson county sheriff's office tweeting that The then thirty one acre fire was burning is burning. In the dome rock ramona gulch area off of west platte river road. That's about twelve miles south of conifer about five driving miles east southeast of foxton residents in a two square mile area of Fox road and west platte river road had been evacuated this fire Potentially putting in danger total of twenty five homes fire by the way is believed to have been sparked from a downed power line. Now as of last night and the most recent information we have available fortunately no structures had been lost and threatened or threatened but a large swath of extreme to exceptional drought the to dry us. Drought designations persists in new mexico arizona. And it wraps into the western slope of colorado that of course setting the stage foreign anticipated active wildfires fire season in those particular areas. However the good news is with the exception of this wildfire. That just popped up Twelve miles south of conifer just yesterday colorado has yet as of yet seen few wire wildfires. The season and many of those have occurred on the western slope now. The largest current wildfire is the three hundred and twenty two aken acre dragon wildfire this in rio blanco county near the utah. State line abundant spring rain. East of the state's continental divide has raised. All a drought designations.

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