New York Post Criticizes Media Lies; Points to Truth About Biden Corruption in Ukraine


He says, Uh, this is Michael Goodman is by top 10 Media Lies piece of New York Post. I just said are there I always pride myself on no us in the US are the worst. You don't know us. There's a no odd rule here. Back to Goodwin. Uh, just messing with quote. Lie Number five was the Ukraine impeachment of Trump. Creative fiction based on a complaint from an anonymous member of the Swamp, who never even testified. But others did to say the president is trying to get information on Biden. Family corruption in Ukraine was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Yes, I have the visual AIDS in front of me this ladies and gentlemen, if you're watching on Fox Nation at home, that is a photo taken from Hunter Biden's material of Dad. Joe Biden, President Biden. Now I even put a little circle around as a Sharpie so you can see that's him. With hunters, Ukrainian business partners that Joe Biden said he knew nothing about. Here's the receipt right in front of me. I keep it handy on my desk right here. Receive Hunter Biden. There it is. The Mac shop hunter Biden's computer hunter Biden signature right there, bill to Hunter Biden even at his phone number. We redacted that so nobody calls hunter. Although he probably cancelled the number. I can even give you the quote number 7469 when Hunter dropped off his laptop, so kind of weird how the impeachment holsters told you Trump was engaged in illicit Activity in Ukraine. Yet if you read the story upside down, you

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