Big Week in Video Games With E3 2021 Coming Saturday

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Let's dig into one of the really big reasons why june is so important for video game fans be electronic entertainment expo. Better known is e three. That's right brett. Major gamemaker such as microsoft on nintendo sony activision electronic arts take two interactive and new be softer involved somewhere across these two big online event. That happened over the next several days. The announcements made will give gamers sense of what new experiences. They'll get this holiday and beyond but there's some uncertainty between a readiness to leave the house as covid nineteen vaccines continue early out and shortage of semiconductor chips. Making it more difficult to acquire the must have playstation five and xbox series consoles that were released last year. Now i repeat of twenty twenty s video game revenue surge maybe unlikely but game companies still see potential in may total investment in games and interactive tech more than three billion. That's triple the amount in may of two thousand twenty according to 'em to insights and seven new studios lodge the first week in june. And that's told to me by wanda maloney. One of my favorite people in the video game industry. She's an analyst futurist with the researching consulting firm into insights which i just referenced but not all industry watchers say that slowed spending as a given dmc intelligence. Dave call over there expects global console and pc software sales to grow ten percent this year to a record seventy one billion in revenue worldwide and there's more stats and more References from experts in my story on tech that usa today dot com. So you know we don't really know what the stats are going to be in the year but the fun part for us as gamers has what games do we have. Come in and we've already seen some pretty interesting games on the

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