Where Is the 'Me Too' Movement for Mothers?

Woman's Hour


The metoo. For mother's eliot glazer author of motherhood a manifesto shines me now with progress ago author of motherhood on the choices of being a woman eliane. If i start with you morning morning at you write about adrian richards. Distinguishing between motherhood is an experience and motherhood as an institution. I thought we could start it. Can you explain what what you're saying with that and what we need to understand. Yes this is from her. Nineteen seventy six but go woman born in. It was pretty important distinction. She said that mother doesn't isn't institution is how it's Managed by society in the ways in which society makes motherhood harder than it needs to be as an experience. And i think that that that still the case. If in fact motherhood is anything even harder now than it was in seventy so until about all the different ways in which women are policed in pregnancy that choices not respects in childbirth Isolated off to birth than how often forced to give up around When it's impossible to reconcile motherhood with say. I think it's important to separate out the experience. Any institution because that enables mothers to challenge the conditions of doing without that being read as criticism of their children or an erasing of the joyful aspects of being a mother not appreciating. How lucky you are to be a mother and in that really. I think silences mothers complaints but if they can say look. I love being a mother at least most of the time. But that set. Somehow motherhood is managed by society. enables women. She make the complaints challenge. The conditions in which motherhood is organized.

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