How to Become a Better Salesperson Without Losing Authenticity

The Playbook


How do you become a great salesperson without becoming someone that you're not practice you know. Tony gwynn was my inspiration to be a great salesperson because naturally which i possessed as a salesperson naturally he's to me the greatest all hitter in the world and when i was twelve years old he owned the school baseball and it used to just amaze me not only would he take the time to give back in. Tell me that by helping me. He was learning more about what he was doing but more importantly he would study. The old betamax green screen to see where this release it hours practicing is he. Practicing base is practicing this so much. the greatest hitter. He better three ninety four last season. I couldn't get it. And then when i got a law. School became a salesperson in the stigma. That was related to the salesperson. All the things that naturally were inherent in that stigma of overselling back in selling lying manipulating cheating. I learned that. I had to fight my natural ability by being professional by practicing being open minded practicing being open minded. It's different than seeing everybody's a gatekeeper. Which is initially old old so this is ninety s early ninety sales training solution selling even though they called solution selling was how to overcome things and for me it was ascertaining having an open mind and practicing having an open mind. What does that mean that. There's actually a template number one of denna fighing. i only want to do business with open minded people. Why because i wasted so much time trying to convince close minded people of something reengineer a vision of somebody who has closed mind it takes a thousand times the energy to reengineer or to overcome a closed. Mind that it does to convince her to engineer an open mind and today as i'm an old man like i said because i am in the social realm where before when i was looking for help write something that takes radical humility and open mind. What was interesting is there's two or three people that somebody new that could help me see the math alone of having a thousand people on average that you can help me with so i started realizing the first step in being a great salesperson was finding people with open. Mind having one yourself in practicing having an open. Mind because you're going to attract mines

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