The Impossible Disappearance of Brian Shaffer


At one fifteen. Am the security camera posted outside. The bar caught. Brian clinton meredith riding up the escalator and extensively heading for the ugly tuna celona forty minutes later at one fifty five. Brian can be seen again on the same security camera chatting with a couple of women out side the bar two security guards stand a few feet away most likely getting ready for the bar crowd to leave after last call at two. Am honestly even thinking about being at a bar at two am makes me tired on the security camera footage. Brian can be seen walking toward the entrance of the bar. But the actual entrance of the bar itself is out of frame as the drunken horrid of college. Students poured out of the bar at closing time. Clint and meredith waited outside for bryant. They called him on his cellphone but he didn't pick up in clinton back inside and check the bathroom but he wasn't there. Clinton meredith then made the assumption that brian had already left and hadn't told them folks. Can we please normalize not leaving your friends at bars. Just because you can't get a hold of them like unless they explicitly said you go ahead. I'll stay here and or they're not like incoherently drunk. Don't leave without your friend. Who gave you know warning that they were going somewhere. Well that's not. How clinton and meredith handle the situation. They assumed nothing was wrong and left But the next morning no one had heard from. Brian girlfriend tried calling him. His father tried calling him. He didn't pickup and then on monday morning. Brian was a no show at the airport for his flight. To miami with alexis by this point nobody had heard from him for almost forty eight hours. That's when everyone officially stopped assuming nothing was his family finally called columbus. Police department filed a missing persons report and shortly thereafter. The search for brian schaefer began

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