A highlight from James Hackman Pt. 2


Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of violence suicidal idealization and murder. That some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children. Under the age of thirteen april sixteenth. Seventeen seventy nine was a cold and dreary day in london but twenty six year old. James hackman couldn't stop sweating as he entered the crowded courthouse. He took his seat at the front of the courtroom trembling uncontrollably. He was so nervous he could hardly concentrate on what the judge was saying. He could only watch as witness after witness took the stand and pointed at him as the killer of martha raye famed mistress of the euro of sandwich. Dozens of people saw him. Shoot martha point blank. At the covent garden. It was impossible to claim otherwise once the testimonies concluded jane's gave his prepared statement. He stood slowly his eyes welling with tears as he read from a small scrap of paper. His voice broke. he. Said. 'i stand here this day. The most wretched of human beings and confess myself criminal in a high degree but despite the emotional delivery james refuse to take full blame for martha's debt instead. He told the courtroom he didn't have control over his actions at the time. He claimed that love had driven him insane.

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