Who Judges the Judges?

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Your room you don't want to be in something bad has happened. There's a stranger in a suit with your future in their hands. A judge four years ago. That judge was me the people looking up at me then had no choice but to trust me but what had i done to deserve it. Ustralia judicial system operates under a shroud of mistake. Which fans off. Tough questions like this but you will have the right to ask how people like me. Prepare for the job of judging and you may not feel comfortable with the answers. The system needs to change to set the scene first. Let's think about public confidence judges in australia and not elected yet. The power they wield is immense openly. We trust the system because we believe that judges generally get it right if we lose that belief. We risk unbalancing the whole constitution. But we live in a time when blind faith and elites is eroding fast judges are increasingly vulnerable to the why question. Why do you deserve the power we have given you. And so they should be sickened. It's fundamental that judges have to be seen as independent doing their jobs without fear or favor to avoid any pressure from the government of the day judges have higher salaries which can never be cash and they can't be fired for what they say or do and lace. They obviously corrupt ahmed.

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