Creating Your Own Path With Dr. Mahnia Madan

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Many professional women our moms or want to have families you yourself or mother of three and i'd like to ask you just sort of open ended here. How have you found the balance. And how did you approach this. Starting family being a professional. You know that's a really great question. And i'm glad we're touching on it. I feel like my thirties. Were a blur right with With the china have three kids so we moved back from the united states after being in school and working and and setting up practices here helping. Perhaps my husband set up his practice and building a home. So there's a there's a there's a lot going on With having children and i think that As women we may even have our own internal battles going on. I went to school. i got student loans. I want to be working. But here. I am nursing and here. I am raising babies and you know what i really found now that i am in my forties. We don't want to admit that but we don't look at that. I think that our it's okay to do that. I mean it's okay to step away from From from your career and take some time to raise your kids a heard a quote from one time and she said you can have everything but just not all at the same time you know so and you wanna try to have things that you can't necessarily be can't come back if you can't go back to her children's childhood but i feel fortunate that i mean a profession like optometry where i can take a pause and then come back to it and it's still going to be here in. It's still going to support me. And i'm still going to support it so i feel like even though in the last five years. Perhaps i took a break in wasn't too active. As my kids were so young op eight. I've missed a beat. Whereas i felt like that when i was taking a break i would sometimes be myself over. Like hey i just started this job or you know y y you know. I don't wanna be taking time off. And i wanna be advancing in my career But i think that yeah you can have it all just You know perhaps they sit up. And

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