A highlight from Building Bridges (with Jonathan Martin)


Attacks on tap with david axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy i i i think we are getting pretty close to a fisher cut bait moment but i'll tell you that On on the fishing side of things the negotiations have been healthy. There's a lot of conversations going on Among members of congress who who've come forward with a lot of different ideas in addition to the Discussions that we've had with The group led by senator capito. So we believe in this process but also very much agree that this can't go on forever so there you have it gives we've talked for Remember though all those times in the trump years when they talked about infrastructure week. Is this this. This is in first. This actually is infrastructure week. And i forgot to get you something going. All i wanted was a bridge. they and their you know but it pretty clear that this is the week when biden is gonna decide Whether there's a deal to be had with republicans not in that has political implications and who better to sort through those then the then than yoda himself. Jonathan martin of the new york times they're great Political writer has joined us and Jay mark good to see acts gibbs. Thank you good to see you. He's really hack at heart. Which is why his reporting is so rich he loves he loves politics and he gets it at a very high level my diets rich to some say to rich. Some things don't need to be said two things to look for in jonathan martin story. Any food references. What he's going to either later that night or have already assumed and the uniqueness and i appreciate this greatly john Of the the bylines there are too many people that try to write about wisconsin from wisconsin avenue. And right i love you and the new york times Has you out all over the country. finding out what's going on in the places where it's going on and actually i will say this. I loved d- pete pete buttigieg sort of set that up very in a very pete. Buddha judge way by saying how much we believe in the process and then taking half of breath and saying but this can't go on forever. Yeah so interesting to sort of collide those phrases together but that's the tightrope that they're walking isn't it because there are a lot of democrats we got a little sound from kirsten gillibrand who is on the same show with Buddha judge later in that show who you know there are a lot of democrats who say hey stop. Negotiating with republicans who never gonna come and And so this is like a very big week jamar. What are the what. go through the yalta this For because we'll out let me hear your wisdom. And then i'll throw my theory. And i really think that joe biden wants to prove that he can get a bipartisan deal period. I think the best chance. He has to get a bipartisan agreement. On something. that's fairly big ticket is infrastructure The heat really want to do not just because he wants sort of feather in his cap although he does. I think that has something to do. With his rivalry with the last two presidents which we can discuss later by also think he wants to. Do it acts because i think he wants to show that american government can work. He wants to prove to the voters the world even the yes. We a release were polarized moment politically. But my gosh we can come together and still get things done across the aisle batch why this matters to him. I don't think that he's gonna drag this on throughout the summer If it looks like they can't reach a deal. But i think he definitely wants to try to get one and by the way. That isn't just me. You talk to the senate republicans who were negotiating with him. They will tell you the same thing that that they really think. Even private the biden wants to get a deal now. The problem is

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