A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 5/28/21--Jury/Weekend Preview


It's a ten dollar refund up ten dollar refund if your horse runs second and it's based off of a straight win wager and was trying to think of you know is there. Is there a way to kind of smart bet. This kind of bet. Well first of all. It's a win. Only bet that works on. So it's not like you can get it on a win place and if you lose you get the wind part of the bet back but not the place bet part of the bank. Now you could do separate bet you could do ten dollars to win on the one horse and ten dollars to place on the one horse. The horse runs second. You would obviously get the wind bet back and you would capitalize the place thing. The difference being you know now if your horse runs the promotion for this one. It's it also goes to third place if there's at least eight runners so there's you know there's rules but what i'm saying is if you're trying to kind of double dip into the place if your horse runs fourth or worse now you've just lost the money so i don't know that there's necessarily a way to change how you would approach. I mean obviously you can't do a win place bet because it's not the same I thought it was a good question. Because i do think there's times where you know certain promotions. I don't wanna say force your hand but you know you're kinda crazy not to take advantage of that right because there's times when it's if not free money it's risk-free money. Obviously with the bet back. It's not risk free because it's only risk free of your on second or third depending on the field size cetera but there are some offers where you know. If you're you know flat out you just get your money back if you're if you're wrong and to me those ones are just always worth taking a shot at because there's there's zero downside on them and With with the bet back you still got to be. You're still have to run good. I guess but on the other hand like you. Are you know a lot of times especially on shorter price. Horses people that make a win place bat which you know we always say is bad here on the show And i know others have different opinions and that's fine but if you if you're doing that you are a lot of times if it's a know two to one three on your basically playing that place bet a lot for a lot of people at least you know in case you get you. Get your money back. You're you're hopefully get four dollars two dollars. Which gets you back. You the mount you bet to win And you might get a little bit more. You might get a little bit less. But i feel like that's mostly the intent is people want something back if they run second even though they're risking double the money for now less award you know they're turning afford one opinion if it wins into a five to two shot probably because the place payout pulls down the total investment return so But it's always good to check out the reward stuff. And like i said there's some some good ones going on with churchill going on and then as i mentioned Lonestar pick weekend down in texas and the feature doozy are the four believe starts race number eight covers racist eight nine ten eleven which are all stakes events. And the steve sexton mile the final one of that with cece rocket is the headliner going to turns and we talked a little bit about this race earlier this weekend. I just. I mean. I have to think he's a go against you. Know because i mean hung burn loves a pretty nice horse for broberg warriors. Charge it we know. He's a very kind of a proven good horse going longer and you know by my standards is pleased was really really good last year in his still pretty good and all that being said i guess with cece rocket. He's coming into this race. Is one of the top sprinters going right now. I mean he's beaten whitmore twice in a row Empire gold who he beat last time out came back to win. You know. we didn't see him on derby weekend. But you know he's he's a pretty damn good sprinter at this point i think he's won six out of his last seven and has just been phenomenal. His only defeat was a second place in the british sprint which is the toughest sprint of the year. Generally so but now he's being asked to go to turns you know he's a closing sprinter which you know the age old axiom on them. Is people think that oh more distance equals more time to run him down and when reality is most often it means they're punch is not the same at the end because they're not starting their move until an extra two furlongs into the race there now starting their move six furlongs into the race instead of i mean maybe five and a half five instead of three and a half or four and so it's or two and a half i mean honestly a lot of in the sprint year and start your move after five sixteen mile usually going into the turn and so it's just a different race and i don't know what kind odds he's going to be because like i said. His resume is amazing as a sprinter. But this is just a new situation. I do think the you know one turn mile would probably be. You would think the best chance to kinda for him to stretch it back out. But you know he's one at this distance before he's ran a mile race four times and he and he has a win and it was a decent win But it's been a while he's been at his best doing what he's been doing it and like i said i

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