Game On: The Tokyo Olympics


After years. Delay the twenty. Twenty olympics are scheduled to begin in tokyo on july twenty third yesterday. Thomas bach the president of the international olympic committee appeared in tokyo video to reassure an uneasy public about the same as games. I can only emphasize these foreign commitment. Offer the to organize together save olympic and paralympic games for everybody but in a survey released in japan this week more than eighty percent of respondents said the event ought to be delayed or cancelled entirely. Much of the country remains under a state of emergency. During a wave of infections on the whole japan has avoided the worst of the pandemic so far it's recorded fewer than twelve thousand total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks in part to some stringent border controls that have been in place since last spring. Never snyder is the economist. Tokyo bureau chief but over. Two thirds of those catalyses have come this year in twenty twenty one. The countries in the midst of what. They're calling a fourth wave fueled by more infectious strains particularly the be one seven i discovered in britain and some regional health systems have been under real strain in recent weeks. What about vaccinations. How are they going in a word slowly. Less than two percent of japan's population has been fully vaccinated. that's the lowest rate amongst the thirty seven members of the oecd club of mostly rich countries. And what's most striking is the source of the problem. It's neither supply. The european union has authorized the export of more than fifty million doses to japan. Nor is the problem really demand instead. It's really logistical snafus. And what someone's as an overabundance of bureaucratic caution

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