A highlight from Episode 321: Google decides Matter matters


Hundred and twenty first episode of the internet of things. Podcast this is your host. Stacey higginbotham co host kevin toefl and we have a googly. Show for you. We are going to be talking. I up about google's plans for matter and some little updates about google's wearables and associated businesses from google plus we are going to be talking about device data sharing because consumer reports did an excellent report and we also have a bunch of security camera flaws to discuss so all of that is going to go into the. Oh man people build these devices and they don't think about privacy and data protection gir- also on that line but in a more enterprise away. We're gonna be talking about an interview with the head of swiss raise reinsurance business about cyber attacks in the implications there and then you're going to hear from our guest who is mark hansen the vp of innovation at sony semiconductor america. And he's going to be talking about embedded computer vision. He's also asking for everyone who listens to send him cool ideas of what you can do with embedded computer vision. So you know it'll be fun and we're gonna hear from our sponsor vary talking about their remote development strategy. Which i think is actually pretty interesting. All of this and more await you but first

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