A highlight from BOX330: Mummy Mommy


And because you guys rallied to our side we actually won the people's voice award for we wanna webby. We're just blown away so exciting. We also were an honoree in the best series category which blows my mind. That's stinking amazing. Because the box of oddities was included in the final ten out of thirteen thousand five hundred entries. We didn't make the final five cut for nominees but they give us a plaque anyway. It's like a participation trophy. It's pretty incredible and it's because of you. Thank you so so much and expect that soon we will be Really like our heads will be huge. And we'll just we'll start referring to each other as king and queen and it sounds like i'm an have made with our trophy on it. It's going to be a whole thing. Yeah that's not gonna happen. Although i have started referring to myself in the third person yes well but that has nothing to do with the webby awards. I i just enjoy doing it. Jeff throw enjoys it so let me give you a little tail. Pleased down if i could actually let me ask you this. We were talking about this. The other night cat comes up with great ideas for inventions. And give me a couple of well. Let me think here you. You had The idea that they should build in a luggage scale right into the handle of the suitcase. I don't know if any maybe somebody's done that. But i've not heard of that so i'm crediting you for that thank you. What are some other ideas that you've had. I had an idea for a roomba but it's attached to your ceiling for cobwebs. That very much thank you for. Ups faulk but yes. That's very functionally moving out of the corner of your eye. Well those are functional and quite brilliant. But i'm gonna talk a little bit about some of the weirdest things that people have invented and that actually was brought to market. I love at some of these are good ideas. some of them are just bazaar. Have you ever heard of the fashion designer on k. demovsky. I don't think so now. She invented a new fabric and it's spelled q. M. l. c. h. q. Milk which is actually made from casing protein found in milk. It's clothes made out of milk. Oh cam so. The process is pretty simple really. They take dried milk powder in the heated up and it's forced through like an extruder machine. I'm thinking like a pasta type machine in my mind. The plano pasta center absolute. That's what i'm thinking in. It comes out in one yard long strands which makes me wonder you know if you take a half gallon of milk. How many pairs of cool lots would that make. Cool lots well. We don't know that but we do know this. It takes about six liters of milk to make address. Shouldn't we be looking for ways to eliminate dairy usage. Shouldn't we be looking for ways to lessen our dairy intake. i guess not. Everyone's on on board with that concept. It's not the only company doing this either. There was a company called me terro that also introduced clothing made of milk products in two thousand nineteen. It's an interesting idea. it's actually a pretty interesting idea. And the clothing looks nice. I'm looking at a picture of it right now. It looks like it's it's a light kind of fabric it drapes well very creative. I love but i don't want to wear milk underpants in florida on july right. I would be very concerned. Bad that i mean just the smell of laundry that is dried right away. You get that mildew smell. We've talked about this before how i smell that still laundry smell and i physically feel angry. Yeah it's Very strange reaction. I don't get it. I don't understand it it's fine. I can't be the only one another weird material that was made into clothing. That i really can't get on board with either is beachwear made from dry dead fish skin. What does it have scales. Yes yes it does. It's a company called skinny of london. They actually make make beachwear out of tanned and dried salmon skin. Oh normally this is a byproduct that is ground up and fed to chicken But this companies thought is yeah. Let's make bikinis out of dead fish skin and sell them for three hundred thirty five dollars and up again. Maybe not something you want to wear. Beachside in florida in the dead of summer might make you swim faster. Especially if they're sharks into sam suit. I'm told that bras are very hard to wash and dry. And i know that you've told me you can't put him in the dryer. You can't use a regular washing machine and dryer because it will ruin abroad. Is that correct. Well i mean. I knew bras put in the wash but old bras i do because they're already kind of so you don't you don't put in the dryer you'll put them in the dryer. You hang them on doorknobs of the bathroom and bedroom doors. And we've talked about this to you. Always hang them on the outside of the door so when i closed the bathroom door the wind suction the change in the. What is that called. Kim air pressure. It sucks the bra inside and get stuck in the door. Jamb talked about me getting trapped in the bathroom because of this ahead of climb out the window. Come around to the front. You just use a different bathroom well. In twenty nineteen an inventor named alexander varennikov created what he calls the broad drier and it actually uses infrared. Light along with an airflow to dry your bra safely in thirty minutes. I love this idea. This is actually a pretty good practical idea. It sounds weird broad drier but yeah it's a great idea no. I don't think there are many people that would argue that. The japanese tech companies are innovators a few years ago. They really stepped up their game. They invented the nickel mimi. And what this is is a set of mechanical cat. Ears that you put on your head and it somehow masur's your brainwave activity and that causes the ears to react to your mood. Oh i kind of love. That is kind of a cool thought for example. If you're interested in your ears will perk up fall if You're focused on something they'll wiggle a little bit and if you're relaxed. They just droop could be problematic though in certain situations. Because if you're like you know mid story. And i start to does and then

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