Why and How Are Lawbreaking Gun Dealers Being Protected?


So let's jump right in. Josh and. Chris can have you to introduce yourselves. Sure hi everyone. My name's josh. Scharf legal counsel and director of programs. Here at brady i lead are combating. Crime guns initiatives. I i've been on a couple previous episodes but it's nice to reintroduce myself to everyone. Yes and now you're proud owner of peleton which means you're up there with christian in terms of guests. I am proud owner of a peleton. But i wouldn't exactly call myself very good at it yet. You'll you'll get there. You'll get there. I thought at least like six brady people on the podcast. talk about peleton's is just. I want you in the club to josh. That's and chris. How about yourself. You don't have to share what workout equipment zone. But if he would introduce yourself to everyone. I have a ceo in my house named sophia brown. My daughter your insisted several months ago that we purchased peleton and so yes. I have joined the club to. She's much more likely be found on the peleton than i am late I can understand the addiction for sure. And i'm chris. Brown president brady. I think i'd love to just start if we can at at school house rock level. Here you know what. What role does the atf. Actually play in terms of having oversight in the gun industry. You know why. What is that even look like gang. The eighth yeah has jurisdiction to insects gun dealers across the country. Josh talk about the numbers of those dealers but we have tens of thousands of guns gun dealers across the country. Who are some are small operations what we call mom and pop operations and some have retail operations. That are very very marging. Part of what they do is they sell. Consumer goods in some of those goods include guns vast array of different kinds of operations and atf. Is the agency charged with inspecting those

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