The Trials of the Infamous Defense Attorney Frank Carson

Dirty John


A sixty four year old attorney is making his way slowly up the concrete steps of the courthouse in modesto california. His body is wracked with pain. His heavy shoulders are hunched forward over the cane. He carries in his right hand from his left hand swings. A cracked black leather satchel stopped with his legal files. He's here at eight thirty on a monday morning. In june two thousand nineteen to do the unpopular work of defending the wrongly accused the thoroughly guilty and clients at every point in between he's made this trip thousands of times in better days. He swaggered the flamboyant terror of cops and prosecutors and judges. I haven't had any qualms about going after law enforcement for lying. If they fudge once they fudge it's open season. This is frank carson the most combative and controversial criminal defense lawyer in stanislas county. His kidneys are failing. His sciatic nerve is aflame and his morning. Vicadin hasn't kicked in the effort to get up. The steps makes him wince but he hates to give any satisfaction to his enemies. He has many for decades. He's defeated his law enforcement. Adversaries in court and raged against them in unapologetically venomous. He names names in a central valley legal community where the cast of characters is small and the memories. long really soon. Gershon your person. You know what it can't be any more personal to the guy that i'm representing and even if i had a doubt about my client's innocence by the time we started the trial usually by the end of it. I was absolutely convinced. I've had attorneys of god wrestler. Soul summer did now and he said. Oh frank you should seen me it was carson asked. I told them off and all that that isn't the point. The point is to win as he shuffles between courtrooms cops watch impasse and a chill seems to enter their mood to the law enforcement establishment. The man with the cane and the black leather satchel is something more malevolent than a clever lawyer. Who pushes boundaries. This is why carson will eventually make his way to the

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