A highlight from 482 - The Counterfeiter


Human read the story from american history to my friend. Gareth reynolds also human. Who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. It's it's just weird steal my intro credit. Yeah but it's a good credit. You should have your own. You know what. I mean a couple of human couple of human human human. Why is it humana. And not hugh o. buddy. Let's dig deeper into that on today's episode and it's a really important episode of the dow up. We'll go to the intro music. And then we'll start intro insurance rancho in oh and then wilco three to one back start the podcast called. It is jammed. Patch the fucking. They've okay let's hear and this is not gonna come. The clock goes five part. Could fish now hit him with the puppy. Resent sip arguments about him. Bump my friend gareth we brought to you. Call me gareth gear up. We are brought to you in part by caliber. C b Look gareth and. I both enjoyed the cbd part of our daily routines use. It helps me not be stressed out calms you down. I sleep better. You know who else got into the caliber. Who's at pam around new. That was common. I knew that was coming down to happen. Like i said it helps me especially helps me sleep. That's probably the biggest one so calpers. Cb powder is the only clinically proven fast. Acting cbd delivers thirty timer cbd in the first thirty minutes versus cbs oil because oil can take over an hour to absorb all cal in just ten minutes. So that's pretty sweet. You get a little twenty milligram packet from caliber. Cv it's always thc free. There's no taste. Oily residue mixes into food and drink. I put it in my ice tea or my seltzer situation than i have. And i mix it in. I have it and it's in my body We know how that works out. Okay so look. We both have recommended e so go

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