Immune Boosting, Is It a Bust?



Can you boost your immune system. Yeah what pitting facts against fighting off infections and this idea that we can pop a pill to boost our immune system. It started exploding during the early days of the pandemic. Tim caufield professor of public health at the university of alberta canada was watching as old took off. It was in the air. You know this idea of immune boosting it was just part of the gestalt own remain so and is the pandemic got worse and worse s s idea grew and grew and it felt like products to boost the immune system was suddenly everywhere. Especially as we've seen all over social media. And tim wanted to know what exactly was the stuff that was getting touted all over the internet so he did what any self respecting academic would do and he started scrolling instagram. And i really did i. I went through hundreds and hundreds of post day for work at the lab for you is getting a coffee and scrolling instagram. And you know. I wish i could say it was it was fancier but that's what i did team and he's tame systematically trolled instagram looking for the trending posts labeled with the hashtag immune booster and there was a lot of the stuff that you'd expect so called superfoods vitamins herbs. Were in the mix too i i saw supplements remain a vitamin d to Zinc and obviously vitamin c. Ginger elderberry echinacea saw a lot of smoothies a lot of smoothies out there and of course all they came with a healthy dose of that influence holier vibe. Tim talked about it without producer. Rose ramllah let me see like the instagram post. The mother of all immune boost instagram posts voted like it would definitely be someone sitting on the beach. Our in the forest they would be in a yoga pose foreshore. They would have a smoothie by the their side asset limits in one hand and magical berries in the other

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