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Today's episode is very special because we have a guest. Hello scotty hello. Amanda nice to be here. Thank you for having me. Our guest is joining us from the imagine neighborhood and his name is scotty is surgery actually. I'm sorry scotty. How do you pronounce your last name. My last name is spelled s. e. r. i. e. Sorry sorry sorry e. sairy thank you for helping me. I'm sorry i didn't get it right the first time. That is totally okay. I have a name that some people think is hard to pronounce. That sounds kinda hard. Well it's only hard if people aren't nice the way you were and they work on it a little bit but learning someone's name is a great way to be kind. Well your name is an important part of who you are. His sure is and in fact. I've got a great story about that. Can we tell it together. Sure okay this is. A story called sugimura. Uk bjorn lucky endeavour. Clever forever bookish iota. She must have popcorn. Oh okay jogi. Mo- jogi mu chablis k. Bjorn lucky endeavour class forever boogie shoe tashi mazda popcorn. That's right. that's the name of the main character in the story. Okay here we go. Once upon a time. There was a girl named phoebe. Phoebe lived on a quiet street in a big city with her family and she knew everybody in the neighborhood she knew the tamale king who was a man named esteban that made the best tamales in the world. She knew mad medusa. The warrior princess. Who was a championship wrestler. That worked out at the gym. Every day. she knew. Lisa liquorice lady who made ropes of liquorice so long you could swing from them like jungle. Vines really phoebe knew everybody in the neighborhood so when a new family moved into the building across the street phoebe knew she had to go meet them to with an excited smile on her face and looking both ways for safety. Phoebe skipped across the street to meet the new family in the front lawn. She saw a boy about her age and she ran up to greet him. Hi there she said. My name is phoebe. And i know everybody in the neighborhood but i don't know you yet. So welcome what's your name. It's nice to meet you. The boy said with a smile. My name is jubal uk. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Book shadow touchy musty popcorn Can you say that again asked It was very long. Name and phoebe wasn't sure that she heard him right. Jackie mood jubal uk. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever book issued. Tisha master. popcorn said the boy. That is the longest name. I've ever heard said phoebe well. That's my name said yogi shabu k. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Bogey pseudo tashi mazda popcorn. Phoebe tried to say his name. Jogi mu shibuya kei. The boys smiled and tried to help by saying his name. More slowly gygi musha bouquet. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever boogie. Shudo touchy have popcorn. Jill gi mu

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