The History of A&F Drums with Ramy Antoun

Drum History


I mean really you as a person. I'm so interested about your background. Because i feel like you are really the brand. I know you said it's a team of people Obviously you're the you're the man behind an f so Tell us about your background How it all started and how you actually got into making luxury drums. Yeah i'll do. The twitter version of born in egypt family migrated to the states. I grew up listening to eastern music. I so odd rhythms odd accents. And when i finally got exposed to western music. Four four was an odd thing for me because there wasn't so much variation at least initially rhythmically. Uh so that's kind of like my gravitated towards this odd space and then four four was odd to me And very strict parents to a certain degree as far as career. As long as i did well in school i could have hobbies as i pleased in. One of my hobbies is playing drums. I loved it. Started tapping on things when i was three my father. He plays piano recognize that i could keep time. And so he would gradually by me you know upgraded snare drum drum kit you know and so he supported it that way but again as long as it was a hobby were good. Don't think about doing this outside the house type of thing and then of course my dad you know would book these these fun parties with his buddies. And it'd be like romney come. You're going to play drums with this. So all of sudden. I was playing just with the family. You know four or five. The rules are expanding. You can play with the family totally man. Yeah like my first band for twelve years of playing with my dad knew nothing

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