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The number five rest and christ third quarter two thousand twenty one john. Pauline ashley will offer us a prayer. Your heavenly father as we gathered together. We want to thank you so much for the many blessings you you have given us even in the midst of a pandemic as we continue to study what it means to arrest you and serve you. Give us understanding and help us to see. What is your warning us to learn your word. We love you lots and thank you for all you have given us. He men all right. This is the fifth in a series of lessons entitled rest in christ thus far. They have focused on the spiritual concepts of risks. We go to the handouts. We go to number one and number. One begins his read mass. You eleven twenty eight. I'm sure it's text you've heard before but let's hear it again and see where it takes us come to me all you. That are wary and carrying heavy burdens. And i will give you rest this. Jesus speaking at it says here about carrying heavy burdens. You might be familiar with the king. James language that says heavy laden youth who labor and are heavy laden. And i will give you rest. So there's two possibilities here. There's a possibility that you could be burdened laden. Feeling like work is overwhelming. You or on the other hand. You could have rest. And we probably haven't come close to fully identifying with that word rest means in the context of these lessons but let me just throw something out for you to ponder and open a discussion if burdened and heavy laden. I suppose more contemporary words might be burned-out might be stressed out. Let me just ask the question in your experience. Would you say that the cause of stress is more internal or external when you are stressed. Do you tend to be stressed because of outside circumstances or more what's going on inside of your head or your heart if you like to put it that way. All right larry. Votes for internal without explanation. Neil will help us understand gotta situation my daughter izzo cd with stress induced seizures. It's all done in her head most of the stress that we deal with it may be external but we internalize it and that's where the problem comes in. Okay appreciate those thoughts on openness very much gary. As far as i'm concerned most of its extra Gets internalized because you're trying to deal with it so therefore ended up in internal but for me. Most of the stress are whatever external pressures than circumstances. And things like that. Now you have to deal with it and so now becomes interim perfect discussion. We've got a strong statement on both sides larry's now going to help us sift through that one of the key contributing factors to the development of cancer. The side from sugar and diet is mental stress and cerebral of you. Remember that my wife passed away. coming up on ten years ago from cancer and so i did a lot of work on this and the amount of research deals in the kinds of things that qualify as stressed me were mind numbing. I couldn't believe how it was in that. Research led me to changing many things in my life it is astounding to me. How ray listening to this comment about the do stress. What can do to a person is actually crippling. It is possibly the largest disease category. Nobody really does a lot of research on in the world. Incumbent i think is actually making that even worse. There's no question i think. In the context of the pandemic there was a sense that healthcare got a lot more stressful. And that would have been at least partly. External is not largely external but perhaps fear of contracting the virus. There are some internal aspects. There that also help exacerbated as well. it's kind of like the nature nurture debate in the end. You make strong things for both sides and then come to a conclusion. It's not either. Or and i think maybe to some degree. There's a personal element. I think for me. I would kind of go with neil azad. I've been able to be very very calm in some very stressful context and there have been times when i was very distressed on vacation so i think probably i do to myself more than anyone else does but certainly the two i think kind of exacerbates each other to some degree. At least larry. It's always hard to imagine things that you don't live in. And i was raised had been deny came from a fairly fundamentalist background but i have a very close friend of mine and he was commenting. He's not that involved in edmonton. These days in his comment was he and his sisters. Were talking over the holidays and against the together about living at the end time and how they had all heard this being raised and now there were having their face reliving with and understanding god in the recall it the graham maxwell pine knoll model i think gives us. Lisa does for me a certain level of as you would suggest ability to handle stress. That others can't. I have christian friends to you. God the way we do. I don't see any of them as comfortable in this current stressful environment. As i see my. I know friends. And so i think it comes to how review god last session sabbath lesson we talked about how saw in david in judas in peter because it both new god but they knew him differently and their viewpoint led them to do something different. So i think that's very key and when we talk about the rest and i think you made the last session. You can't have risk.

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